Mar 12, 2018

We’ve never been more excited to take a bath.

A recent study from Loughborough University found that relaxing in a hot bath doing absolutely nothing can be just as beneficial as walking for 30 minutes. This activity is called ‘passive heating.’

A group of researchers tracked 14 men who underwent two tests: a one-hour bicycle ride and a one-hour bath in 40-degree Celsius water. The goal of the study is to increase the core temperature of the body by one degree. In the end, the cycling burned more calories, but the researchers were also surprised to see that the hot bath also burned a total of 130 to 140 calories.

This is the level of zen you should aim for when you try passive heating.

Decreases inflammation and lowers blood sugar

The men’s blood sugar levels were also tracked 24 hours after the tests, showing that “peak blood sugar was around 10 percent lower when a bath was taken in place of the bike ride.”

Passive heating as a medical treatment came from Finland, which makes sense since the country experiences mostly cold weather throughout the year (and hot baths are a hit among locals). In another study by JAMA Internal Medicine, saunas—another act of passive heating—can help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Now before you jump into the tub, note that the study participants were men and that the male and female bodies might act differently. It may not replace your workout routine, but a hot bath can still do wonders for your mental health.


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