Mar 28, 2018

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how you managed to waste so much time on Instagram, then you’ve probably felt the inevitable guilt that comes with spending all that time on something that doesn’t give you your ROI (unless you’re an influencer slash blogger, in which case you probably do).

But just because we use Instagram to unwind or pass the time, that doesn’t mean we can’t make it a little more productive. Instagram can be a great tool to find some artistic inspiration or mental stimulation. You just have to find the right accounts to follow.

Here are a few accounts you might want to check out for your next Instagram binge:


This Japanese artist has created an impressive body of work over the years by creating a diorama out of everyday, mundane objects. Each photo shows tiny figurines interacting with the world around them, whether it be an upside down piece of sushi that doubles as a boat, or pastel-colored sticky notes that transform into picnic blankets for cherry blossom watching.

When art appreciation meets pop culture; this Instagrammer is a graphic designer who creates a mashup of classic paintings and painters with modern twist. The result? Some witty photos of Van Gogh, Gucci, and Disney characters that are equal parts edgy and aesthetically pleasing.



Maybe you already follow Berlin Artparasites, but for those of you who don’t, you’re missing out. This Instagram posts some thought-provoking images accompanied by quotes that explore—not to sound pretentious—the human psyche. If you’re feeling particularly introspective or emotional, this is the Instagram account to binge on.



Perhaps one of the most unique accounts you’ll find on Instagram, Uglydesign features… well, just that: ugly designs. You’ll find yourself wondering how and why anyone would ever come up with these monstrosities, but then again, not all art is beautiful. When you’re not dumbstruck or disgusted by what you see, you might actually appreciate these odd creations. This account will definitely keep you mentally stimulated.

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Main image courtesy of Mehmet Geren.

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