Mar 28, 2018

Establishments will start closing or having irregular schedules on Maundy Thursday (Mar. 29), and for sure, eating out will be a challenge. If you’re going out (Visita Iglesia, perhaps?) or you’re just not up to cooking for the rest of this week, but still need to abstain from meat, here’s a short list of our favorite dining spots around Manila that have a pretty solid selection of seafood and vegetable dishes.

Tendon Kohaku

Open Mar. 31 (Sat) and Apr. 1 (Sun)

Non-meat options: Shrimp tendon, shrimp kakiage tendon, seafood tendon, wild tiger prawn udon, kakiage udon


Poke Poke

Open Mar. 31 (Sat) and Apr. 1 (Sun)

nolisoli eats restaurant poke poke

Non-meat options: Signature bowls—Basic (salmon, tuna, white onions, green onions, bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, pickling), Samurai (tuna, salmon, mesclun, white onions, bell peppers, radish, green onions, grapes, sesame dressing, kimchi aioli), Hawaiian (quinoa, tuna, white onions, bell peppers, green onions, tomatoes, pineapples, feta cheese, bacon, sriracha aioli), Cali (salmon, kani, white onions, cucumber, bell peppers, ripe mangoes, avocado, mangonnaise), Dragon (salmon, shrimp, unagi, white onions, cucumber, ripe mangoes, green onions, feta cheese, mangonnaise, sriracha aioli), Unaju (unagi, mesclun, white onions, cucumber, bell peppers, radish, wasabi aioli), Gamberetti (brown rice, shrimp, mesclun, white onions, bell peppers, ripe mangoes, green onions, tomatoes, honey mustard), Gangnam style (salmon, kani, cucumber, red onions, ripe mangoes, green onions, sesame dressing, kimchi aioli, sriracha aioli), or make your own


La Chinesca

Open Mar. 29 (Thu) and Apr. 1 (Sun)

soli eats restaurant la chinesca mexican

Non-meat options: Tuna Tostadas, Huachinango tacos, Camaroncito tacos, Salmon Aguachile



Open Mar. 29 (Thu) except Rockwell and Podium, Mar. 30 (Fri) except Podium, Mar. 31 (Sat), and Apr. 1 (Sun)

Non-meat options: Tuna melt sandwich, octopus a la plancha, prawn agnolotti, roasted cauliflower and broccoli, cold rice salad, squid ink pasta


Little Flour

Open Mar. 29 (Thu) to Apr. 1 (Sun)

Non-meat options: Sarsiadong isda, bagel and lox, mushroom carbonara


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