Mar 30, 2018

Frequent drinkers and enthusiasts will understand: Each and every cup of coffee is different. One coffee shop might have a brew that’s a little tangier or acidic, while another might have a roast or a blend that’s darker or stronger. Sometimes, you’ll also come across that blend that’s just right.

Here are some of the rarest coffees, unique blends, and specialty beans you can get at a store near you:

Jamaica Blue Mountain – Starbucks Reserve

nolisoli rare coffee

Why is it special: Grown in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica, one of the highest mountains in the Caribbean. Only a small amount of this coffee is exported to the world, as 80% of it goes to Japan. The label “Blue Mountain” is only given to coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

Country of origin: Jamaica

Taste: Mild flavor, lack of bitterness


Woolloomooloo – Toby’s Estate

nolisoli rare coffee
Photo courtesy of Toby’s Estate

Why is it special: A special blend unique to Toby’s Estate, it is their most popular blend across their stores worldwide.

Country of origin: Australia

Taste: “Syrupy and round with notes of spice, earth, cocoa, and caramel”


Crystal Mountain – Coffee Tonya

nolisoli rare coffee
Photo courtesy of Coffee Tonya

Why is it special: Grown in the El Escambray mountain region. The soil in this area is rich in mica and quartz crystals.

Country of origin: Cuba

Taste: Delicate sweetness, smooth creamy body, bright acidity with walnut and caramel notes


Emerald Mountain – Coffee Tonya

nolisoli rare coffee
Photo courtesy of Coffee Tonya

Why is it special: This is the most popular Colombian coffee in Japan. This type of coffee is also certified by the FNC (Fondo Nacional del Cafe, or national coffee fund) of Colombia. Only 1-3% of Colombia’s coffee beans are classified as Emerald Mountain. These beans are handpicked and hand-screened to ensure quality.

Country of origin: Colombia

Taste: Balanced mild taste, sweet, sweet aroma, rich body


Kona – UCC

nolisoli rare coffee
Photo courtesy of UCC

Why is it special: One of the most expensive coffees in the world, cultivated on the slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa in Hawaii.

Country of origin: Hawaii

Taste: Smooth, mildly acidic


Civet Coffee/Kape Alamid – The Manila Collectible Co., Intramuros

nolisoli rare coffee

Why is it special: Considered one of the most expensive coffees in the world. This coffee is made first when palm civets or alamid pick out ripe coffee berries to eat. The civets then excrete the beans. The stomach acids and enzymes of the civet affect the flavor of the beans.

Country of origin: Philippines

Taste: Generally bold and full flavored, less bitter


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