This new cafe is for all the matcha lovers

Don't forget to try their Japanese-Filipino dishes while you're there


You might have come across some cute food puns covering up a new construction site at BGC. Those tarps have since come down. But don’t worry, you can find a latte more puns inside the newly opened Nomi Matcha.

Step inside this cafe and restaurant, and you’ll instantly find yourself reaching for your phone to snap some photos.

nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
Nomi Matcha’s interiors are picture-perfect.

But before you do, you might want to think carefully about where you’ll be sitting. There are a variety of spots to choose from, all with their own unique design (and puns), but all equally Instagrammable.

nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
Snap a photo of your hot matcha latte before the foam disappears.
nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
The perfect spot to take a photo of your matcha frosty.

At Nomi Matcha, you’ll find an assortment of green tea drinks made with organic matcha imported directly from Japan. Keep it classic with a matcha latte or frosty, or go for something a little more unconventional with their Matcha Refresher.

nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
The matcha refresher with lime retains the green tea’s bitterness.
nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
The Surprise Me with watermelon juice.

Sweetened with a bit of lime juice, the Matcha Refresher retains its strong tea flavor for a mature spin on the drink. Another dairy-free matcha alternative is the Surprise Me, which is matcha combined with either watermelon or cucumber juice—what you’ll actually get is a surprise, but you can request for either one.

The Chicken Yum Yum comes with Japanese mayo and flavored salt.

For appetizers, try the Chicken Yum Yum; squeeze some lemon juice over the bite-sized nuggets before dipping them in Japanese mayo and topping it off with a flavored salt. It’s great for sharing with a friend, but feel free to have it all to yourself—no one will judge you here.

nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
Japanese omurice served with Pampanga longganisa.
nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
The Pork Katsu Sandwich with a serving of chips and salad.

For your main course, I highly recommend the Longganisa Omurice; a bed of ketchup rice blanketed by a soft omelet is delicious as is, but who knew the Japanese comfort food would go so well with our local longganisa? (By the way, they use Pampanga-style longganisa, which lends a nice sweetness to the dish.) They also have a beef tapa option.

If you’re looking for a lighter meal, the Pork Katsu Sandwich isn’t as heavy, and it comes with a serving of chips and salad.

Packed with a variety of vegetables and a serving of protein, the Nomi Matcha Power Packed Bowls are a healthier alternative to donburi (i.e. Japanese rice bowls). They can also be customized to your liking; replace the Japanese rice with brown rice, quinoa, or cauli rice.

The Chicken Power Bowl is a healthier take on donburi.

The Chicken Power Bowl comes with a runny 6-minute boiled egg, roasted carrots, some greens, and roasted chicken with pesto sauce. And for the vegans (or feeling vegan), the F*ck Yeah, I’m Vegan bowl is (obviously) for you.

And finally, the desserts.

If you’re having trouble deciding on which one to choose, then go for the Give Me Everything, a platter of their signature desserts.

nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
Give Me Everything which includes a greenie, churros, tiramisu, and a cookie.
nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
Layers on the tiramisu.

It includes the Tiramisu Dream: decadent layers of lady fingers soaked in matcha syrup and cream, served in a masu, the wooden box originally meant for drinking sake.

A Legendary Greenie: brownies made with matcha instead of chocolate turn out… green, hence the name ‘greenie’. (They’re fudge and dense. So yes, they’re pretty legendary, too.)

As a churro lover, my personal favorite from the platter was the Matcha Churros. The bitter taste of matcha goes perfectly with the sweet white chocolate drizzled on top.

Lastly, a matcha cookie.

nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
A cookie shot to complete your sugar hangover.

Tip: if you happen to order the matcha cookie and a cookie shot, try dunking the cookie in the shot. It’s very matcharap.

nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
Toasting the smore to perfection.
nolisoli eats restaurant nomi matcha
The marshmallow gets a nice golden brown crust.

And for a unique matcha dessert, we suggest the smore: matcha ice cream encased in a marshmallow, which is then toasted to a golden-brown crust.

Nomi Matcha will be having their grand opening on Apr. 9.


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