Apr 19, 2018

Choosing to live an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle can be quite the undertaking. Foregoing the conveniences of materials like plastic, or reducing waste involves a level of commitment that shows no immediate, tangible impact—how do we even begin to measure our carbon footprint, anyway?

Many of us don’t realize it because it doesn’t have a direct impact on our daily lives, but the amount of plastic being produced (and thrown away) is starting to get out of hand. It’s become essential that we take small steps towards changing our lifestyle because using tote bags for grocery shopping just won’t cut it.

Just because we choose to live sustainably, does not mean we have to limit our purchases to rustic-looking products. Take for example, these bags.



They look like your typical leather bags but they’re actually made from virgin cellulose fibers a.k.a. washable paper. Uashmama products are designed and crafted in Italy. Maybe that’s why they look so elegant?

From tote bags to backpacks, there are several bags you can use as your day-to-day bag, as well as pouches and lunch bags.



But our favorite definitely has to be the Paper Bag. Structurally, it’s shaped like a regular paper bag, but the material is hardy—it can actually be washed. Just use a mild soap or detergent, and some warm water.

The bags come in an array of colors, using only natural vegetable dyes. Choose from neutral tones like black, cashmere, and camel, or funkier metallic options like gold and silver.



Use them to store food or other home products, or use them in place of plastic to carry your fresh produce next time you go grocery shopping. You can even use them as pots for your plants.


Photos from Uashmama.

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