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5 local furniture shops to help brighten your home

5 local furniture shops to help brighten your home


Some of us are at that point in life where clothes shopping is not as exciting as furniture shopping. The need to beautify our home is essential simply because it’s our sanctuary and place of zen. Homebodies are going to be excited to find out that staying in is the new ‘going out,’ and what better way to celebrate than go furniture shopping?

There’s no wrong way to decorate your home because it should reflect you, your preferences, and current inspiration above all else. We found six local furniture stores you can shop for new items, from simple items like mirrors to bespoke dining room chairs.


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This lifestyle store caters to modern nesting necessities. Nooke partners with local craftsmen and artists to produce limited pieces, from materials that are locally sourced as well. Their collection is a mix of original creations and vintage furniture.


Krate PH

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What started out as a thesis of six Management students from Ateneo de Manila University has now grown into a store that creates desk clutter organizers. Their products are handcrafted by woodcarvers from Paete, Laguna and are made from recycled palochina wood.


Urban Abode

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Urban Abode is a design and lifestyle brand that creates customized furniture. Most of their designs are vintage-inspired with a contemporary edge.


DEKKO Furniture & Design

DEKKO is the furniture and design house responsible for Potato Corner’s headquarters and is focused on customized organic, rustic, and industrial furniture.



A combination of the words “raw” and “natura” (Latin for natural), raw.tura advocates the use of raw and natural elements in their products, from a simple chair to a completely bespoke dining table.


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