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Twitter tells us what we can do beyond Earth Day

Twitter tells us what we can do beyond Earth Day

So you turned your lights off for an hour. What else are you doing to help save Mother Earth now that Earth Day has past?

Triathlete and spoken word poet Serge Gabriel answers this question with one tweet. On his Twitter account, Gabriel recently posted a list of some of the things we can start and stop doing to keep the ball rolling for environmentalism. 

Then, other Twitter users gave additional ways we can keep up saving our world through simple acts.

In the spirit of convenience, we encrypted the complete list from the Twitter thread below (with some additions from us). Check it out to find out the good you’ve already been doing and to learn what more can you do to make sure the world you live in keeps on living.



  • Refuse straws at drive-thrus.
  • Don’t buy plastic bottles.
  • Walk more.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Carpool.


  • Always bring your tumbler and utensils. For some establishments, using your own tumbler for your drink will get you a discount!
  • Don’t wear plastic gloves in restos—wash your hands.
  • Avoid take-outs and drive-thrus if you don’t have a container.
  • Use the in-house mugs at coffee shops if you’re not in a rush to leave.


  • Bring reusable grocery bags.
  • Buy toiletries in big bottles than small ones.
  • Bring containers in the grocery for meat/fish/etc.

(We also made a whole list on how to shop zero waste, check it out.)


  • Don’t release balloons into the sky.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Use, an online search engine based in Berlin that uses their ads revenue to plant trees in different countries.
  • Turn off the lights during daytime and invite more sunlight at home. Open your windows, let the air in, and let your plants get the food they need.
  • Use a cup when brushing your teeth to avoid wasting the running water.
  • Use hand dryers instead of tissue paper. Better yet, make a habit of bringing a face towel with you.
  • Use scratch paper for physical submissions, if the prof allows it. If they don’t, try suggesting the idea. They might just give you bonus points for that.
  • DON’T LITTER. Don’t do it. And don’t be afraid to tell your friend to pick up that stray candy wrapper they just threw on the side of the road.
  • Don’t leave chargers plugged in without a device connected, this is for energy conservation and fire prevention. Also, that’s going to make somebody trip and fall.

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