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Boracay’s final days according to Instagram

Boracay’s final days according to Instagram

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I was writing a story on what went down in Boracay the night before its closure, which led me to where all good journalists go to find additional material: Instagram. Sarcasm aside, I browsed through all the Boracay-related hashtags and geotags I could find in search of photos.

Hoping to find snapshots of discounted souvenirs, empty restaurants, and shut-down establishments, I went through hundreds of photos before realizing: (1) I wouldn’t find what I was looking for on Instagram—big shocker—and (2) that most photos fell under specific categories. Here are some of them.


The refreshing drink


A post shared by asyakarim (@asyakarim) on

With the beach as the background because you’re in paradise.


The beach bod

Feelin the summer heat.

A post shared by Chad Alviar (@thechadalviar) on

You can’t go to the beach with out showing off your hard-earned beach bod, right?


The look towards the horizon


Here’s to new adventures 🥂

A post shared by Vince Maristela (@vincemaristela) on

A breathtaking view.


The shopping

Many stores and vendors sold their wares at discounted prices before the closure. Might as well get a good deal.


The squad photo

Getting your entire group of friends together despite everyone’s busy schedules is a feat and always deserves a photo.


The cheesy captions

There will never be a shortage of cheesy, #wanderlust-esque captions on Instagram.


The sand castles


A post shared by 쮸야🐰 (@juuuuya1003) on

What would Boracay be without the intricate sand sculptures scattered along the beach?


The look back at the camera

Come with me on this journey.


The food

Restaurants, food stalls, and shake places have become an integral part of the Boracay experience. Chori burgers, Jonah’s fruit shakes, Coco Mama, just to name a few—they’ll surely be missed.


The blogger/influencer pose

Find a picturesque spot to use as a background and strike a pose for your #OOTD.


The sunset

Endings are beautiful too 😍

A post shared by Janelle Erin Imasa (@janelleimasa) on

Marking the end of the day and symbolically, the closure of the island. There were quite a few photos of the sunset captioned with bittersweet goodbyes.


The back towards the camera



The goodbye (for now)

Leaving the island with a heavy heart, many tourists wished the island a speedy recovery and promised to go back after its rehabilitation.


The selfie

Selfie muna bago magsara 😂

A post shared by Mike Ramos (@magicmikexs) on

My personal favorite: “Selfie muna bago magsara.


Header and thumbnail images by @lovelizzychua and @wellabear on Instagram.

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