May 4, 2018

You might have already heard about ecobricks—a sustainable way to make use of plastic bottles by stuffing them with more plastic or other non-recyclable waste. These can then be used to build houses, buildings, and other structures.

Well, there’s another type of brick that puts to use the single-use plastic sachets we often just throw away. Green Antz Builders’ ecobricks use shredded plastic sachets mixed with wet cement. Around 100 sachets are used per brick.

nolisoli fixture news sustainable green antz ecobricks

What’s great about these bricks is that aside from giving a new purpose to plastic sachets, they actually also help in increasing the brick’s thermal insulating properties. The shape of these bricks are also akin to Lego blocks, so they’re less hollow than your usual, er, hollow block.

And unlike hollow blocks that just come in the same drab color of grey, Green Antz’ eco bricks have a variety of types, some even mimicking real bricks. These make it more versatile and can be used for various architectural designs, too. Talk about aesthetic and sustainable.

nolisoli fixture news sustainable green antz ecobricks

Photos courtesy of Green Antz Builders, Inc.

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