May 11, 2018

In a time when you can get just about anything with a quick trip to the mall, standing out is becoming harder and harder to do—well unless blending in is your jam. If we had a penny for every time we see someone sporting the same accessory or clothing we’re wearing, we would all be rich enough to get more of this generic stuff.

It is for this exact reason that many brands are tapping into the power of personalization where customers can add their own style to existing products to make it suit their taste. From patches to embroidery and plethora of otherwise unnecessary accessories—anything for the sake of making an otherwise mass-produced product “personalized”.

And while this is not new when it comes to jewelry, up and coming brands are adding their own spin on our favorite accessories. From name pendants to medallions and hand-stamped brass bangles, these local brands are taking personalization to a whole new level.


Bubba Doodles

Your kid’s drawings deserve a better spot other than the refrigerator door. With the preservation of your precious one’s masterpiece in mind, Bubba Doodles transforms your child’s doodles to loving pieces made from stainless steel and silver or gold.


Cat + Kai Handmade Jewelry

The people behind this brand pride themselves in their advocacy of saving the environment and the sea. As a testament to this commitment, they mix and match metallic elements with the jade-like quality of sea glass in their pieces which range from necklaces to charm bracelet’s and even cufflinks.



This local jewelry brand wants to get people to tell their stories through the engravings on their prized possessions. One of their products, stacked ring pendants, make it easier for people who have multiple stories to tell to weave them into one.



Launched in 2016, this minimalist brand whose name comes from an Ilonggo word meaning “us” is quickly making a name for itself among Manila’s fashion-savvy for its unique selection of sterling silver accessories at reasonable price points. They also offer personalization on medallions and upgrades to gold for customers who wish to add engravings to their pieces of choice.


Pulseras by Kim

Making inspirational words wearable is what fuels this brand which started as a passion project. But more than their hand-stamped jewelry accentuated with gemstones, they are hoping to empower with workshops and monthly group sessions on how to make brass jewelry.


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