May 23, 2018

Phones are no longer the only objects being dubbed as “smart.” These days, it seems like just about anything that can be synced, tracked, monitored, or controlled on your phone through an app can be classified as a smart object. Electronics like smart watches, TVs, and speakers make sense. Household appliances and amenities that automate everyday tasks, such as smart refrigerators and coffee machines? Sure, why not. But why anyone would ever need a smart diaper to know if their baby did a Number 2, I will never understand.

While not every invention lives up to the adjective, there have been a number of gadgets, appliances, and tools that have benefitted from an upgrade. The latest in technologically advanced products? A water bottle.

Developed by a Slovenian-based company that produces couture water bottles (which apparently exist), the EQUA Smart Water Bottle was created to, well, remind you to stay hydrated. The 23 oz. bottle features a stainless steel exterior, a marble finish on top, and lights at the base—which is where the “smart” bit comes in. The bottle lights up every now and then to remind you that it’s time to drink water.


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EQUA smart bottles come in pink, white, and black

To fully utilize the technology of this advanced drinking device, you’ll need to download the app for it. You can input your height, weight, and activity level, upon which you will be aided by a “hydration assistant” that will create a personalized hydration plan for you.

It’s still possible to keep track of your progress even without your phone; simply tapping on the bottle will cause it to light up and pulse. It pulses slower when you’re on track with your water consumption and faster the further behind you are.

How much will the smart bottle cost you? As of now, it goes for $48 at pre-order price, after which it will retail for $84.

What are your thoughts on the smart bottle? Is it a cool (albeit pricey) way to keep hydrated, or does its existence make you realize how lazy and technology-dependent we’ve become? Tell us in the comments.


Images from EQUA.

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