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Filipino flavors took over Western sweets at Best Desserts 4

Filipino flavors took over Western sweets at Best Desserts 4


For a nation that has a notorious sweet tooth, Inquirer Lifestyle continues to offer a great service. The annual roundup of the country’s most decadent and most innovative sweets, aptly called Best Desserts, was launched this week, May 28, and we got a chance to sample them.

Of course, the staple flavor profiles of chocolate, mocha, and matcha made it to the list. But surprisingly—or not so—Filipino flavors dominated the scene this year, very well in line with the world’s growing interest in our cuisine.

Here are some of the ways Filipino flavors infused with Western-style desserts:


Cara Bella – Yema Cake

Karen’s Kitchen – Avocado Buko Pie

Aging’s Food Delight – Sapin-sapin Cake

Cru Kitchen – Premium Ube Cheesecake

La Brazzoria de Lasevil – Brazo de Remedios

Ice Cream

Manila Creamery

Roasted milk and cookies (left), suman moron (right)

Bellefleur by Beatrix – Ube Leche Flan Ice Cream


Gina Vi – Flavored leche flan

Flavors such as coconut, cheese, chocolate, coffee, and mango


Purple Spatula – Quezo de Bola Taisan

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Lobby Lounge – Ube Ensaimada

Lengua de Gato

Fleur de Lys – Ube Lengua

Bonus: Filipino desserts given a new Filipino flavor

Pasteleria Costa Brava – Bibingkang Malagkit with Coco Sugar

Pepita’s Kitchen – Biko Langka with Biko Tutong

Astoria – Flavored Bibingka

Traditional bibingka, ube bibingka, and dulce de leche bibingka


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