Jun 12, 2018

It has become a sort of tradition among Twitter users to participate in #RP612fic which seems to be a reimagining of Philippine history through witty tweets and memes. And while some mere spectators may argue that the engagement towards the hashtag has gone down in recent years, along with the quality of the tweets, there are still a number of equally witty and timely entries that prove that it is alive, kicking, and funnier than ever.

This attempt at reimagining Spain as an online seller

Still funny, if you look past the typo.


Everyone’s favorite Nadine Lustre quote repurposed to express Josephine Bracken’s stance on Rizal’s many love affairs

Seriously, you can take this meme and just replace the year to fit any historical joke you want to make.


Another Josephine Bracken reaction meme

We all know (and secretly love) that 90 Day Fiancé episode.


This retelling of one of Rizal’s favorite childhood story

This funny video is too meme-worthy to miss.


That wooden bridge that collapsed and sent inspectors tumbling into the water in Zamboanga

Remember it cost P12 million pesos to reconstruct that wooden footbridge.


The latest meme equivalent of Sisa’s search for her children

Never not funny.


The Filipino townspeople adjusting to Mocha Uson’s “facts”

All that work to make Mocha Uson’s faulty geographical information correct.


This NBA Finals meme recreation of an El Filibusterismo scene

The crying Michael Jordan meme has met its match.

This repurposed photo of a local and multinational fast food chain mascots

Forgetting the rivalry all for one photo.


This iconic movie scene Kris Aquino wanted to recreate with Mocha Uson

Still iconic. Still waiting for the Kris Aquino-Mocha Uson recreation.


Another Josephine Bracken entry, this time in reference to Dua Lipa’s famous music video

Because, really, Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” video is that iconic.


And lastly, the figures of Philippine history reacting to the current state of the country via this viral Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo meme

Judy Ann is all of us, really. The revolutionary figures included.


Header Photo Courtesy of Basso Profundo 켄 (@Poteytoooo) on Twitter

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