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A local chocolate brand puts chicken skin in a bar

A local chocolate brand puts chicken skin in a bar

risa chocolates chole bar

Some people like their chocolate dark, some milky, while some prefer theirs… savory? Before you raise an eyebrow about this peculiar preference, you might want to see this first. Yes, a chocolate bar that incorporates, not just sweet and savory, but two savory flavors: chicken skin chicharon and adobo flakes.

Risa Chocolates, the local brand behind this ingenious combination, says it is their version of the Mexican mole sauce, which contains fruits, spices like chili pepper, cinnamon, and cumin, and for a sweet twist, chocolate.

To make their Chole chocolate bar, as they like to call it, they even put in a little something extra, called “palapa” which they had exclusively made for them by Chili Asylum, which specializes in such spices.

For those who are unfamiliar with palapa, Bon Appetit describes it as “Spicy, sweet, earthy, and garlicky,” all at the same time. It packs a lot of spices like garlic, ginger, chili, of course, mixed with grated coconut meat.

The Chole chocolate bar, along with their other signature bars were showcased at their booth during the 9th Philippine Harvest at the Central Square in Bonifacio Global City.

They also teamed up with local ice cream brand, Sebastian’s for a special Father’s Day offering called HALOo HALOo Choco Fondue, an ode to the Filipino favorite made with local fruits, drizzles with Risa Chocolate fondue.

You can get this sweet and savory chocolate bar through their online shop, or have them delivered right at your doorstep through their third-party delivery partners.

Photo courtesy of Risa Chocolates Facebook Page

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