Jun 26, 2018

If you’re a fan of trying out and supporting up and coming products, you might want to be a bit more careful. While supporting small local businesses is a great advocacy, you better make sure these brands and products have secured the proper tests and registrations, especially from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Inquirer reported last Jun. 25 that the FDA has warned against buying or selling a number of food items and food supplements.

Using products not registered or tested by FDA “may pose potential health hazards,” says FDA Director General Nela Charade Puno.

Here are the products FDA flagged:

  • 7 Days Slimming Coffee
  • Miko Sardines in Tomato Sauce with Chili (Spicy) Bonus Pack
  • Sakto salt
  • Eli’s Turmeric 4 in 1 Herbal Tea
  • Special Macky’s Homemade Hot Chinese Chili Paste
  • Santi Scalper
  • Santi Bovine
  • Cialis Tadalafil Zhong Hua Niu Bian
  • Ciales Ying Da Wang
  • Niubao Cattle Capsule
  • Black Ant
  • Maxman Supplement
  • Pander Treasure
  • Sheng Long Tonify Yang Long-Acting Aphrodisiac
  • Mangosteen RX
  • Veggie Max+
  • Jes.Ser Oregano Kalabo Plus Mangosteen herbal capsule
  • Chro Plus herbal oil
  • Vida Power Essentials Power Corn Juice
  • Healing Galing’s liquid calcium capsules

Header photo courtesy of Unsplash

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