Sep 14, 2018

Thinking of watching Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral this weekend? Well, if you’re a student, you’re in luck: you can now watch Goyo at any cinema nationwide for only P150. All you need is to bring your student ID to the cinema as proof. The movie’s social media accounts announced that they were doing this as thanks to the many students that have supported the second installment of Jerrold Tarog’s film trilogy, which started with the immensely popular film Heneral Luna. The trilogy is a series of biopics on important but (until recently) mostly forgotten figures from the Filipino-American war and the Commonwealth period.

Aside from this, the team behind Goyo also uploaded a study guide to help teachers discuss the film with their students. It’s written by actual historian Alvin Campomanes so you can trust that the information on it to be accurate and helpful.

We hope other filmmakers can follow suit in making their films easily accessible to students. Goyo’s star, Paulo Avelino, tweeted a few months ago that student discounts should be mandatory in all cinemas, and we agree. We keep talking about how people should start loving Filipino cinema, but we need to promote a culture of going to the cinema and watching movies for that to happen. And to do that, we need to start young and make it easier for kids to watch movies. After all, kids who were encouraged to watch movies become adults who watch, love, and promote (and in some cases, even make) movies.

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