Feb 27, 2019

We here at Nolisoli.ph are huge art lovers, but let’s face it: Most of the time, loving art comes with a price. In fact, if you were checking social media last week, you would have seen dozens of posts and tweets pointing this out, calling out art events that come with a hefty ticket price. While we think that some of the criticisms that came out were uncalled for, we do agree with the sentiment behind them. Art should be accessible.

ortigas art festival sculpture nolisoli.ph
One of the sculptures featured at the festival. The event is making a big push to include more sculptors, who are usually underrepresented at art events

ortigas art festival sculpture nolisoli.ph

That’s what renowned artist Renato Habulan thought, too. Habulan, one of the key figures of the social realism art scene in the Philippines, decided to start a grassroots arts festival last year that would give artists around the country a platform to show their art while letting the public see the works for free. Teaming up with Ortigas Malls (remember, Ortigas is the metro’s midpoint), this became the Ortigas Art Festival. (Read: Ortigas Art Festival is officially open and offering free workshops)

ortigas art festival sculpture engraving nolisoli.ph Eric Masangkay with Richard Buxani
A collaboration between Richard Buxani and Hilaga Sculptors Collective’s Eric Masangkay
ortigas art festival sculpture engraving nolisoli.ph Benjamin Cabrera
Engraving by Benjie Cabrera. Cabrera is the only engraving specialist in the Philippines

This year, the festival is held at the Estancia Mall, further cementing the mall’s role as the art hub of Ortigas. If you’re interested, you can just walk on over the second floor of the mall to see the exhibited pieces. Some of the works featured are pieces by “master engraver” Benjamin “Benjie” Cabrera, photographer Bern Wong, and architect-turned-sculptor Richard Buxani. The exhibit will also be featuring the following groups: AgawXena, Agos Kulay Maynila, Banta Artist Initiative, Himbon, Biskeg, The Guild, Group Artists of Taytay, Association of Pinoy, Printmakers, Hilaga, and Westgrove Fine Arts.

The festival is also holding workshops. On Mar. 2, watercolor artist Peter Sutcliffe will teach participants how to paint using watercolors, while Renator Habulan will teach how to paint alla prima (“wet on wet” painting in which you paint directly on top of another layer without waiting for the previous layer to dry).

For more information on the festival, you can check the Estancia Mall’s Facebook page.


Featured photos courtesy of Greenbulb Communications

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