Would you try whiskey-flavored vegan ice cream?

Ambassador’s Vegan Ice Cream has some pretty interesting flavors for everyone


We previously mentioned that ice cream and people who are lactose intolerant don’t mix but a recent visit to Ambassador’s Vegan Ice Cream proved us wrong (yes, vegan ice cream exists). From the makers of Go! Salads and Shoobie Sorbet, the humble ice cream shop has all-vegan flavors. You wouldn’t need to worry about the toppings and cones because they’re vegan, too.

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JR Gonzales, the man behind the brands, spent weekends in the mall with his grandfather looking for desserts. Low-sugar desserts were scarce by then so JR decided to create his own line of more inclusive desserts. His latest venture is Ambassador’s Vegan Ice Cream, which is named after his own grandfather who used to be a diplomat himself.

You can sample each flavor before placing your order. They use stainless steel spoons in an effort to produce less waste.

Located at SM Megamall Fashion Hall, it’s fairly easy to spot their stall at the third level, just by the row of restaurants at the middle. They currently have a total of ten flavors in their selection, all of which are made with lactose-free ingredients. Their ice cream flavors are sweetened with coco sugar which has a lower glycemic index, making it friendlier to diabetics.

And contrary to popular belief, their flavors show that vegan ice cream can be fun. It’s all-inclusive, too, which means that there’s a flavor for every palate, from kids to adults. You can get up to two scoops of ice cream in a cup or cone.

Pili whiskey topped with sprinkles
We got double scoops of horchata and golden milk drizzled with speculoos caramel

The pili whiskey variant piqued our curiosity instantly so we tried that one first. You know those instances when you’re advertised a certain product only to be disappointed that it isn’t what it said it was? This isn’t one of them. Whiskey lovers won’t be disappointed with this one as the flavor doesn’t shy away from the exact taste of whiskey. It contains caramelized bananas and pili nuts to add extra texture.

But if you want something subtle, go for blueberry cheesecake. You wouldn’t need to include additional toppings because the abundance of almonds infused in the ice cream make up for it (I had to chew the ice cream in every bite).

Blueberry cheesecake with cacao nibs

For something with a bit of spice, try horchata or golden milk. Horchata is inspired by a Mexican beverage made from rice, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon while the latter has hints of turmeric and is filled with vegan cookie dough. The spices in the flavors are evident but not overpowering.

As we’re gearing up for warmer days ahead, we wouldn’t mind spoiling ourselves with a delightful cup (or two) of low-sugar and guilt-free ice cream that can taste pretty good, too. If SM Megamall is too far from you, we’ll let you in a little secret: Ambassador’s Vegan Ice Cream is opening another branch in Rustan’s, Makati this month.


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