Mar 15, 2019

Cookies are like clothes. And by that I mean, the basis of how good a cookie is, much like our fashion choices, is subjective. Some may prefer theirs slightly burnt to a crisp, while some a bit on the chewy raw-ish side. There really is no one single cookie recipe to suit all taste preferences, just like there is no single kind of dress or pair of pants that is to everyone’s liking.


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Birthday cookies @moodbake 🍪🍪🍪

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Just ask Liz Uy—both on the dressing part and the subjectiveness of cookies. The stylist (who actually has a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management) has recently ventured into baking these golden mounds of flour with chocolate chips (or shards). It is the existence of many variations of how to make these baked treats that lead her to come up with one that will bring together everything people love about it.

Her business called Mood Bake is responsible for some of those cookie thirst traps you find on some personalities’ Instagram feeds, from Martine Ho to Sarah Geronimo.

mood bake cookies liz uy

And before you call this mere “hype,” you have to first give credit to the effort put in to orchestrate this whole thing—from the recipe which took Liz a lot of research (online, at least) and a few sit-in classes with chef Gene Gonzales to create, down to the branding with their pastel green boxes. speaks to Liz Uy about finding the right recipe, rediscovering her love for baking, and Mood Bake’s upcoming popup at Greenbelt 5.


We know that you graduated with a degree in HRIM, but you chose a different industry in which you are known now. What rekindled your interest in baking?

It was really just for my son, Xavi. I wanted to make something extra for when he grows up, he can invite friends over and friends will ask “did your mom bake cookies today?” Or “did she make brownies?” You know, something kids would love.


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Being your mother is the greatest privilege. Happy 1st birthday my darling baby boy ♥️

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Baking was a hobby, then my celebrity clients would always request for it when we had shoots—choco chip, peanut butter, matcha, and healthier ones with berries. So I guess that’s how it all started.

Tell us about the classes you took at the Center of Asian Culinary Studies (CACS). What were some things you learned there?

I wanted to relearn cooking. I took HRIM and forgot all about it when my styling career took over my life. I messaged chef Gene Gonzales if I can sit in their classes in CACS. He knows how erratic my work is and him being so kind allowed me to join when I can.

It started off with pastries, baking with chef Jun De Guzman. I couldn’t believe I made cookies, pies, soufflés, etc. I also did stocks, soups, and all the hard work, too. Which reminds me, I have to go back and continue with my classes.

mood bake cookies liz uy
mood bake cookies liz uy
We understand that cookies have been part of your baking repertoire for some time now. Why cookies and not other pastries?

I do others, too. Cookies were the most requested. Easier to share, too!

What makes Mood Bake cookies different from other ones out there?

It’s crunchy outside, ooey-gooey inside, fuller than most conventional cookies and more chocolatey than expected.


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No secrets, just the freshest and simplest ingredients everyday 🍪 #MoodBake #GoodMood

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We heard it took you a lot of online research and cookbook browsing to come up with the recipe. What/who were some of your influences or inspiration that eventually led to you baking cookies?

Like all moms trying to be bida to their kids. And watching Christina Tosi on Netflix.

You did a vlog with your sister Laureen where you made cookies. Was that the same recipe?

That was the original recipe. It’s been changed 100 times, I think.

Let’s not forget the cute packaging. What’s the idea behind it?

Just wanted a simple, cute color combo, delicious cookie in a chic box.

How did the pop-up come about? Why Greenbelt 5?

I frequent Greenbelt 5 as a shopper, so when I saw the amazing location for Mood, I mean, I couldn’t be any luckier!

mood bake cookies liz uy
mood bake cookies liz uy
Plans for Mood Bake apart from a pop-up store? New flavors? New offerings? More outlets? A permanent stall maybe?

Yes, I have one on the way, one mid-way, and one in my mind. Safe to say more flavors this year.


Mood Bake popup opens at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5 today, Mar. 15.

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