Mar 18, 2019

Craving for a plate of duck confit? Or how about a delectable bowl of crème brûlée? You only need to wait for a couple of days to satisfy those cravings because the world’s biggest French dinner Goût de France is returning to the Philippines on Mar. 21 for a gastronomic event. Over 5,000 chefs around the world will be participating simultaneously in 150 countries on the same date.

First launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015, the creation of Goût de France or Good France follows the inclusion of the “Gastronomic Meal of the French” in the UNESCO World Intangible Heritage list. At its core, it pays tribute to “French cuisine, its traditions, and its values during a grand gastronomic evening on the same date, all over the world.”

This year, 27 participating chefs will be serving special menus that spotlight cuisine inspired from the French region of Provence in their respective restaurants. Inspired by Epicurean dinners, each participating chef will serve a traditional French menu that’s composed of a starter, main course, cheeses, and dessert, accompanied by French wines and spirits.

“The menus must demonstrate the richness of French gastronomy, responsible cuisine, and may highlight local culinary traditions in the Philippines,” the Embassy of France to the Philippines notes. Without further ado, here’s the list of participating chefs and their restaurants in Manila:

You may directly contact the participating restaurants for table reservations. You may also check out each restaurant’s special menu below:

Check out the Embassy of France’s website for more information.


Header image courtesy of the Embassy of France to the Philippines

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