Mar 20, 2019

There’s a cool Japanese satchel pop-up this weekend

Lagimusim’s Paani bags are like your standard plastic bag, but better because they’re reusable

This weekend, Guava Sketches will be hosting a pop-up of Lagimusim, a “cheerful” bag label made from durable nylon fabric.

lagimusim paani bag
Paani or pani means “to play” in Hawaiian, a fitting name for the bags which comes in a couple of colorways.

Set to launch on Mar. 23 at the showroom in Greenbelt 3, these Paani bags were designed by Takeshi Higaki and Kana Muraki, Yamanashi prefecture-based designers who create the entire line, from material to finish, entirely in Japan.

Though lightweight, these nylon mesh bags are meant to carry unexpectedly substantial loads.

The duo minimizes waste by cutting to pattern, and utilizing a cornered seam technique, which makes the bags reversible.

lagimusim paani bag

These satchels clock in at 27 grams. “Almost weightless,” claims the designer. Though lightweight, they’re meant to carry unexpectedly substantial loads. Compact enough to fold into a nanoscale version of its original size, these Paani carryalls come in a variety of cute colors and can easily replace the foldable shopper you keep in your purse for shopping emergencies.


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