Mar 21, 2019

Seems like we still haven’t learned our lesson.

On Mar. 9, Quezon City 1st district representative Vincent Crisologo announced his plan to build a multi-purpose auditorium at the Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC), stressing that other cities have their own large sports auditoriums and stadiums while QC has none. “My plan is to build (an) auditorium there, tayo na lang walang auditorium. Air-conditioned na multi-purpose na pwedeng basketball court, lahat meron na.”

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Many have voiced their opposition to this plan. The most notable is Quezon City 2nd district representative Winston Castelo, who pointed out in a statement that the auditorium could destroy the “natural park and historic value of the circle,” explaining that the construction could worsen traffic, destroy the area’s trees, and “desecrate the remains” of former President Manuel L. Quezon, the city’s founding father.

He also added that an auditorium or stadium misses the point of the park. “The real purpose of that park is for tranquility and serenity. It’s a passive park where park-goers can promenade.” If that doesn’t make sense, imagine if someone built a basketball court on top of a Japanese zen garden. They just don’t go together.

Concerned citizens have also started a petition to oppose Crisologo’s plan. Addressed to President Rodrigo Duterte, the petition states that the citizens of QC “want to keep the circle as it is—a place to walk, play, bike, and rest with our loved ones—and retain ONE OF THE LAST LUNGS (sic) of Quezon City.”


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