Mar 26, 2019

What’s one thing that could’ve only existed in the 21st century that you can’t live without? For me, it’s online on-demand services. Things like Grab for drivers, Sif for hair stylists, and Zennya for physical therapists. I’ve gotten used to Grab by now, but it’s still kind of amazing that you can just book a service online and you don’t even have to talk to anyone. I can’t even remember what it was like having to hail a cab by yourself anymore. Even just a few weeks ago, I hired a cleaning lady through a website—not something I would’ve done if there wasn’t an online platform for it already. These services just make life a whole lot more easier, and make help a whole lot more accessible.

At MyChef’s debut for the private chef service, we were served Spanish tapas and personalized alcohol

nolisoli mychef private catering dinner service

If you’re looking for help with a private dinner, you can check out MyChef PH. It’s a website that hooks you up with a chef depending on the kind of cuisine or dish you want to order. Previously, they only did delivery through Lalamove for individual dishes, but just last Mar. 20, they started rolling out their private dinner services under the YourChef section. Through that service, you can describe the kind of meal that you want and the site will pick out chefs that fit the bill. Once you’ve chosen the chef you want, you can book him/her and just wait for the chef to arrive before your party—you don’t have to worry about buying ingredients or having the right equipment because the chef will already have that at the ready.

You can pick out three kinds of private chef options: private parties and events for large gatherings including corporate events; personal chef services for smaller, more intimate gatherings; and one-on-one cooking lessons.

The form for the personal chef. Screenshot of the MyChef website by me


The process for the first two are fairly similar, since they’re both catering services and only really differ in guest size. For the personal chef service, you’ll need to fill out a form which asks for your information as well as pertinent information about your dinner (do you want a 5-course meal, does anyone have any food allergies, do you already have a chef from the service in mind). Once you fill out the form, you just have to wait for the site to get back to you on the handpicked chefs.

The form for the private parties and events. Screenshot of the MyChef website by me

For the private parties and events, the form will also ask you if you already have a venue or, if not, a city in mind so the site could suggest appropriate venues.

The form for the private lessons. Screenshot of the MyChef website by me

For the private lessons, you have to pick out which days of the week you’ll be available for the classes, as well as the total number of hours you’d want to take. You can then pick what topic you’re interested in it covers topics ranging from food safety and sanitation to baking bread and cookies. You can also opt to learn how to cook a specific dish). You can then decide if you want to have the lesson take place at home, or if you want the chef to choose a venue for the lesson. Since these lessons are pretty much customized by you and the chef, there aren’t any set activities, rates, or schedules, so everything will boil down to what you and the chef have agreed on. When you’ve chosen a chef and confirmed the details, the site will send you a breakdown of your payment just in case you need to fine tune everything before you commit to the lessons.


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