Apr 26, 2019

Mesa ni Misis is an initiative by Juana Manahan Yupangco which aims to promote healthy cooking with and eating of local vegetables. She organizes talks, shares recipes, and collaborate with restaurants in forging greener and more colorful menu. In fact, Nolisoli.ph has an ongoing project with Yupangco called The Sustainable Table where we send friends of Nolisoli.ph vegetables every month together with recipes they can try.

And Anya Resort Tagaytay’s Anila and Amra restaurants, headed by executive chef Jonathan Bouthiaux, are some of the food and beverage players Yupangco has partnered with.


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The menu includes a dish that would make people love ampalaya more: Ampalaya ala JASMS featuring bitter gourd and tomatoes covered in kangkong pesto and virgin olive oil. Joining this dish on the starters department is Pinoy Harvest Bowl consisting of red mongo and squash drizzled with tamari sauce, and mango salad, marinated mangoes with oregano, mint, tomatoes, arugula, and rosemary dressing.

anya resort mesa ni misis
Pinoy Harvest Bowl. Photo courtesy of Anya Resort Tagaytay
anya resort mesa ni misis
Mango salad. Photo courtesy of Anya Resort Tagaytay

For the main course, Yupangco and Bouthiaux put monggo into a bolognese sauce to make the interesting monggo bolognese. Joining the main course menu are Laguna cheese ravioli and Tagaytay Pizza, which is topped with Laguna cheese, tomatoes, squash, green beans, grilled eggplant, and pineapple. There is also a fruit platter composed of grilled and marinated pineapple with rosemary and virgin colada foam to end your meal.

anya resort mesa ni misis
Monggo bolognese. Photo courtesy of Anya Resort Tagaytay
anya resort mesa ni misis
Tagaytay pizza. Photo courtesy of Anya Resort Tagaytay

Anya already has its own vegetable and herb garden, so guests could expect fresh produce on their plates. The Mesa ni Misis menu will be available at Anya until Jun. 29.

anya resort mesa ni misis
Laguna cheese ravioli. Photo courtesy of Anya Resort Tagaytay

For inquiries and reservations, call 553-8888 or 657-1640, or email [email protected].


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