Aug 8, 2019

During the rainy season, most people don’t only dread the looming flood or the sticky feeling when commuting but also the diseases that come with it. While coughs and colds are common problems, mosquitoes also pose a threat. 

With the continuous rise of mosquito-borne diseases, the Department of Health declared a dengue epidemic in the Philippines. 

Last month, DOH declared a national dengue alert until it was raised into an epidemic to get more awareness on the disease. 

Following the 146,062 dengue cases from January to July, 622 people have died as of July 20 as per the data from the DOH. This number is considered to be 98 percent higher than the same period last year which is seen to be alarming case. 

Among the regions, Western Visayas had the most number of cases with 23,330 followed by CALABARZON with 16,515, Zamboanga Peninsula with 12,317, Northern Mindanao with 11,455 and SOCCSKSARGEN with 11,083. 

One of the possible solutions that the DOH can offer is the “Sabayang 4-o-clock habit para deng-get out” where they will partner with other government agencies, LGUs, communities, offices and schools to search and destroy mosquito breeding sites. 

Aside from this operation, people can also do their own part to prevent mosquitoes around the area. Here are some:

  1. Throw away any stagnant water near your home to prevent any breeding
  2. Use screens to keep mosquitoes outside
  3. Wear light-colored clothes to repel mosquitoes
  4. Use mosquito repellent lotions
  5. Use natural repellents such as eucalyptus
  6. Stay indoors during dusk and dawn

“It is important that a national epidemic be declared in these areas to identify where a localized response is needed, and to enable the local government units to use their Quick Response Fund to address the epidemic situation,” said Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III.


Header photo courtesy of Unsplash

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