Aug 23, 2019

The digital space is growing, and our country is a testament to it.

According to Hootsuite and We Are Social’s annual digital report, the Philippines is home to 76 million active internet and social media users. On average, the country is online 10 hours per day: accessing the internet through desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Despite this, internet speeds in the country remain far below the global average. The average connection speed is at 5.5 Mbps, which is just enough for only one person to download and stream movies—and a far cry from the global average speed of 11.03 Mbps.

The entry of 5G internet promises to change all of that for the country: improving the country’s internet experience with faster download speeds and a more reliable internet connection overall. With that in mind, we have wrapped up a few ways in which a faster internet connection can help a home become more efficient.

Accessibility through voice command devices

The growth of the internet also means an influx of new technology, ones that help improve accessibility in households everywhere. One form of technology that is slowly gaining traction in the country are home assistants: devices that can carry out tasks like getting the latest news or weather updates, and browsing the web using voice commands.

The effects of improved internet connectivity stretch far beyond just improving a user’s online internet experience. An improved internet connection can help make new technology available to more people as well: popular home assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa can find its way to more households in the country and do more than simple tasks. Simple voice commands can now help people control appliances, turn on lights, and play music without lifting a finger.

With an improved internet connection, households can play music and more with a simple voice command to Amazon’s Alexa

More secure homes

Aside from improving accessibility at home, an improved internet connection can also improve the way we secure and protect our households. The number of families investing in security systems in the country is slowly and surely growing, and it’s only recently that these systems have become easier to use and access from wherever you are.

A faster internet connection can help automated security systems find its way to more homes. Security systems that offer night-vision, motion sensors, voice command support, and more become easier to set up, less pricey to maintain, and access to live video feeds from security cameras can become more prevalent. 


Faster downloads and better live-streaming

For many households, a slow download speed can deeply affect productivity within a household. Loading web pages and streaming music become time-consuming tasks; and downloading a high-definition movie can take one hours at a time, maybe even days. Live-streaming can get difficult with poor video and audio quality.

The entry of 5G internet in the country promises to greatly improve users’ internet experience with faster download speeds.

Among many other things, an improved internet connection can speed up the way you browse the web: you need not wait too long to open up a web page or listen to your favorite songs. Families can now download movies in high definition in a matter of seconds, and audiences that prefer using streaming platforms need not wait too long in order to access higher quality videos.

Another benefit of a faster download speed is better access to live-streaming. Not only will more people gain access to live streaming, viewers everywhere can enjoy streams of sporting events, concerts, and even more from wherever they are in the country with less delays between an actual event and in high-definition.

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