Sep 12, 2019

This month, the Five Star Bus Company will be transporting the magic of reading closer to more children in the country through their latest project.

In partnership with Hulma Foundation, the bus company launched Lakbay Aklatan: a project that hopes to promote the importance of reading to children that are six to seven years old. Five Star Bus Company converted one of their old buses into a mobile library, which will travel to public schools around the country.

Lakbay Aklatan aims to improve reading proficiency among kids because we believe that it serves as the foundation to better and quicker learning once the child moves to upper grade levels,” reads their Facebook post.

According to Ria Cauton, one of Lakbay Aklatan’s founders, the project will also involve a focused reading program with teachers who will do one-on-one tutorials with children.

Lakbay Aklatan opened its doors on Sept. 9 with a reading aloud and open reading session at the Laoang Elementary School in Tarlac. After that, the mobile library will be stationed in three more schools in Tarlac: San Juan de Valdez, Mapalad, and Carangian. The bus will be visiting each school once a month for an entire week.


Header image courtesy of Five Star Bus Company

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