Sep 13, 2019

The first locally produced film, “Dalagang Bukid” by the father of Filipino movies Jose Nepomuceno, was screened exactly 100 years ago today. It tells the story of a flower vendor, Angelita, who falls in love with a poor law student, Cipriano. Their relationship, however, was against Angelita’s parents because they wanted her to marry a wealthy haciendero, Don Silvestre. 

“Dalagang Bukid” was originally screened on Sept. 12, 1919, which came out with English, Spanish, and Tagalog subtitles. With over a century, Filipino films have evolved into different styles but still hold onto local central themes such as family, friendship, and romance.

And in celebration of the 100th year of Philippine cinema, the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) will screen ten selected movies from Sept. 13-19 in all cinemas nationwide. Learn more about the films this year here:


Dir. Adolfo Borinaga Alix, Jr.

This is about a once celebrated film producer, Doña Atang, from the early years of Filipino cinema. For her one-hundredth birthday, she wishes for a reunion of all actors and staff whom she had worked with in the past. Michael, her grandson, initiates on finding all the movie staff her grandmother worked with and as he does, he remembers the glorious years of Philippine cinema.

LSS (Last Song Syndrome)

Dir. Jade Castro

As two aspiring musicians, Sarah and Zak find their way through growing up with joy and pain, they find themselves in an almost-but-not-quite romantic encounter as they follow an up and coming indie-folk band.

Cuddle Weather

Dir. Rod Marmol

The odd romance of an experienced prostitute Adela and waitlisted seaman Ram finds the two in a mentor-mentee relationship. Ram wants Adela to teach him the ways of a prostitute in exchange for a fee but as the two deepen their connection with each other, they find themselves in a scene of more than just loveless lovemaking.


Dir. Andoy Ranay

After being in a relationship for 14 years, couple Rome and Ethan lose motivation to continue their relationship. Ethan suggests an idea of letting themselves have sex with other people to save their relationship. Will their open relationship really save them?


Dir. Dondon Santos

A group of friends embarks on a road trip journey as one of their cancer-stricken friends, Sam, wishes to complete a life bucket list which he believes would give him a regret-free goodbye to life. The list includes “get drunk ‘til you drop, go skinny dipping, get a tattoo, and lose virginity status.” 


Dir. Hubert Tibi and Maria Ranillo

This film shows the challenges faced by Filipino families. Rica, a troubled overseas Filipino worker, chooses to return home and come to terms with the family she has left behind. She discovered that all the money she has been sending her son to repair their old home amounted to nothing. 

I’m Ellenya L.

Dir. Boy 2 Quizon

Ellenya’s world is that of a typical millennial. She chooses to create video content online to help her family, as well as, fulfill her dreams of being the next sensational vlogger.

The Panti Sisters

Dir. Jun Robles Lana

As their terminally-ill father announced to his three gay sons that he is dying from cancer, he also mentions that he will be giving a P300-million inheritance to any of them who can give him a grandson.

Lola Igna

Dir. Eduardo Roy Jr.

With the age of 118 years old, Lola Igna is considered to be the eldest in their town. She is frequently visited by her fans from Manila but Lola Igna despises them because she believes there are no reasons for her to be known. Lola Igna only wishes to be dead but this changes when she is visited by her great-great-grandchild, Tim.

Watch me Kill

Dir. Tyrone Acierto 

A prolific hired killer finds consolation and redemption after rescuing a teenage girl who was held captive by the man she was paid to kill.

PPP is organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines in partnership with the National Cinema Association of the Philippines. To know more, visit Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.




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