Sep 18, 2019

Trees serve as nature’s most important provider, and we are slowly losing them. The threat of deforestation has affected many aspects of our environment like wildfires that prompt animals to lose their habitat.  Because of this, many organizations are looking for alternative ways that will make up for these damages.

Several non-government organizations (NGO) are already taking part in this advocacy like Eco Explorations. Partnering with another NGO, Taya Pinas, the group lets people pledge by buying and planting native trees (a choice of dao, butino, supa, and kupang) that’s equivalent to a donated amount of P165 per tree. The donated amount will contribute to three things: 20 pairs of boots for rangers, one cavan of rice, and 24 gardening machetes among forest rangers who help in sustaining our forests. 

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Eco Exploration interacts with local communities and provides the locals with a sustainable livelihood through avenues where they can utilize their knowledge and skills to help the environment while saving for their own income. They also educate the public about the places they visit and why there is a need to conserve them through different projects. 

Taya Pinas, on the other hand, is a group of nature enthusiasts that aim to promote the conservation of our environment. The NGO was created by four women who were driven to initiate action by planting more trees in the Philippines.

Trees play a huge role in our planet—not only do they serve as the lungs of the ecosystem but they also provide us with necessary materials in order to survive. If we continue to be reckless about our decisions that affect the environment, soon future generations might not witness the sight of a tree and take the toll for our actions.


Header photo courtesy of Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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