Sep 25, 2019

Regional fairs like the 34th Negros Trade Fair attract many primarily because of food-centric selections. But Ilonggos have more to offer beyond these edible treats.

[READ: Negros trade fair will return for its 34th year]

For Filipinos, Christmas starts as early as Sept. 1. Lucky for you, you have the rest of this week until Sunday, Sept. 29 to do an advance holiday haul at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center. To make your shopping experience a breeze, we’ve pieced together this listicle on non-food finds at the Negros Trade Fair, from fashion accessories like earrings, necklaces, and bags to homeware like upcycled saucers, trivets, and utensil holders.


Wearable finds

Structured abaca silk wrap, Rubyline Ladies Fashion
These shoes are made using natural fabrics of piña, cotton, and abaca. Its insoles are coconut husks, while for the soles, Lakat Sustainables uses recycled rubber.
100% cotton scarves woven by a community of weavers in Kabangkalan, Negros Occidental in partnership with Creative Definitions.
A handbag made from buri banig and leather can be found at the booth of Go Lokal! curated by Common Room.
These necklaces are crafted from polymer clay and are made by Masastre Art Collection.
Inspired by Machuca tiles, these macramé bags are from a brand called Tickled Tripper.
These sling bags combine banig and leather. Saturn Arts and Fashion makes them.



Saucers created from upcycled glass, Yssa’s Crafts
Although they resemble familiar kitchen utensils, these colorful items are actually spoon holders from Silay Export Inc.
Vallehermo Helping Hands Foundation is a Negros-based NGO which aims to empower their community through livelihood programs. There beneficiaries make these trivets and fruit baskets.


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