Oct 1, 2019

This year, Rustan’s is bringing the sights and flavors of Morocco through the opening of Café Casablanca. The restaurant will be opening its doors on the fifth floor of Rustan’s Makati, with interiors inspired by the sights of Marrakech.

Headed by Moroccan chef Rachida, Café Casablanca promises to bring diners on a journey through their wide range of dishes. The restaurant will be giving Filipinos a taste of Moroccan cuisine through their lamb and beef roasts and their selection of sweet and nutty desserts.

Start off your meal with appetizers like the cigar fromage and the briouat kefta, which are phyllo pastry dough dishes stuffed with cheese and Moroccan spiced minced meat respectively.

Cigar Fromage, which is phyllo pastry dough stuffed with cheese
Briouat Kefta, which is phyllo pastry dough stuffed with Moroccan spiced minced meat

Healthier appetizer options include the taktouka, which is a puree of tomato, green pepper, and spices; and the bakoula, which is a classic salad made with mallow leaves or spinach.

As for their main dishes, Café Casablanca will be serving the chicken pastilla, the lamb couscous, and the lemon chicken tagine.

Chicken Pastilla, which is shredded chicken and aromatic spices, wrapped in pastry layers and dusted with confectioner’s sugar and cinnamon
Lamb Couscous, which is slow-cooked lamb, spiced with cumin and served with couscous and poached vegetables
Lemon chicken tagine, which is tender chicken cooked with preserved lemons and served with olives

Cap off your meal with desserts like their tangy orange sprinkled with cinnamon, or their pastilla topped with milk.

Orange with cinnamon
Pastilla with milk

Café Casablanca opened on Sept. 30, and will be at Rustan’s Makati for a limited time only.


Header and photos courtesy of Café Casablanca

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