Dec 4, 2019

For this year’s Grand Gelinaz Shuffle, a worldwide kitchen event where chefs across the globe swap recipes for one night, Toyo Eatery by Jordy Navarra made it to the shuffle list, a first for a Filipino restaurant. But the best part, the Toyo Eatery’s menu was reinterpreted by René Redzepi, chef of Danish restaurant Noma and currently second on the World’s Best Restaurants list. 

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Here’s a rundown of some of the Toyo Eatery dishes reinvented by Redzepi.

Pickled and smoked quail egg, fried with achiote butter and topped with quince paste and fried garlic
Fresh shrimps and turbot marinated in tamarind juice with mixed pickled dried fruits, seaweed, and slices of green mango

After the chefs received eight recipes of which they call the “matrixes,” the challenge is to undo each one of them and create eight new “spontaneously rethought” remodeled dishes.

Rice steamed in bay leaf folded with brown crab meat and crab tow, sea urchin, egg yolk, and buro
Ragout of horse mussels and mushrooms soured with Lacto-fermented plums, dried fruits, vegetables, and tamarind paste
Barbecued king crab topped with sauce made with bagoong and adobo of different chilis and calamansi zest
Fermented wild boar with banana catsup from Toyo Eatery and Mexican oregano
Fried rice pancake with spring onions spice mix, egg yolk, and topped with truffles
Halo-halo made with yogurt snow, pandan custard, candied pine cones, and condensed milk

In an Instagram story by May Navarra, chef Jordy’s wife, Redzepi said: “Recipes are not absolute. They’re just guidelines and that’s how we took them.”


Header photo courtesy of Toyo Eatery

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