Dec 5, 2019

Japanese ramen restaurant chain Ippudo, famous for its tonkotsu ramen as well as its chashu that’s marinated and slow-cooked for 34 hours until it reaches its signature tenderness, is innovating its menu with the new torched chashu at the center of the revamp.

Packing a richer flavor that redefines the ramen experience, the flamed and braised pork belly will feature in Ippudo’s Hakata-style ramen bowls to create stirringly smoky flavors and textures.

“Changing up our chashu both means paying homage to our roots and going through the painstakingly long processes of creating quality ramen, and also creating something new for our customers to enjoy,” says The Standard Group’s senior brand building manager Cat Altomonte.

Two of Ippudo’s signature bowls, the Akamaru Special and Karaka Special will now be topped with the torched chashu while the Shiromaru Special will still be a tasty affair, thanks to its thick-cut, slow-cooked pork belly.

Shiromaru Special
Mushroom Ramen

Another item on the menu that’s also getting a makeover is its Yokohama Iekei with its chicken-and-pork broth combo that will also include the torched chashu. Ippudo regulars and newbies can also reach for its vegetarian mushroom ramen or its trademark side: the pork bun, an aromatic steamed bun filled with braised pork belly and yakiniku sauce.

This change in its chashu and special ramen bowls is both an homage to traditional Japanese ramen culture and a nod to the necessity of innovation.

Pork and Chicken Buns

Header photo courtesy of Ippudo 

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