Dec 6, 2019

Anyone could send a holiday greeting these days—at least, digitally. On Christmas eve alone, the outpouring of template greetings to respond to takes up half of the festivities. So we’ve got to admit that receiving something traditional and that we could take our time with, like a handwritten message on notecards would rightfully stand out. 

Whether it be sent on its own or with another present, note cards deliver personal greetings that bear more emotional weight than a Facebook message. Maybe it’s because we can’t lose them in one scroll? Or because we could actually hold a letter? Here’s where you can get cards that are worth keeping. Okay, write these down. 


Pepa Prints

Pepa prints is a well-established online print shop that could supply all the stationery you might need for Christmas, from customized gift wrappers to gift tags. One of our favorite prints, however, is this evidently Pinoy parol notecard. 



The Personal Store

The personal store is where you could get a Christmas card well… personalized. Take this one for example: Other than getting to design your own card, you can even ask them to put your portrait on the card itself. Now, that’s a cool way to make your presence felt. 


Serendipity Paper Co.

Serendipity Paper Co. is all about these modern dainty notecards that could deliver short but sweet holiday greetings. Best part? They won’t take the spotlight away from the actual gift you’re giving. 


Alyanna Nebreja’s notecards

These illustrated pattern design Christmas cards by Alyanna Nebreja looks like you’re giving someone a mini foldable painting that even has a warm message from the painter. You could get this and other designs at the Craft Central in Vertis North.


Whisk Designs

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Christmas made better with these botanicals 🌴

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Lastly, this is the perfect gift for anyone who digs minimalism and aren’t really into colorful and sparkly cards. The cards are not extravagant per se but they simply signify what the celebration is about. 



Header photo courtesy of Unsplash

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