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The Nolisoli gift guide for when you’re ready to invest in jewelry

The Nolisoli gift guide for when you’re ready to invest in jewelry


This time last year, one of our staffers suggested that the best way to spend our Christmas bonus and 13th month pay is to invest in jewelry. “Get the type you can pass on to your beautiful babies instead of getting shocked to learn that the shimmering man-made crystals you blew your 13th month on doesn’t have any resale value at all,” she wrote.

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Last year, I would have been astounded by this suggestion, and yet here I am patiently waiting for my first custom necklace to arrive. I should, however, clarify that it’s only demi-fine at best, but it’s fine. As author and T Magazine editor Hanya Yanagihara once put it, there is an underrated pleasure to be had in wearing jewelry made just for you, and I’m just here for that.

In our latest Southern Living issue, too—which will come out next week—we argued that the best investment you can make next to investing in yourself is to buy jewelry. So whether you’re buying it for yourself or giving it to a loved one, here are some brands you should check out.


“Skewed” by Ria Prieto for Jul B. Dizon

GF Makati Shangri-La Manila, Makati

Pearls coupled with gold seems to be a driving style of this season as this collection (and two others in this list) suggests. Editor Ria Prieto teams up with jewelry brand Jul B. Dizon for pieces that challenge the notions of symmetry in jewelry-making. True to the collection’s name, the pearls are in odd positions and sometimes fastened in place by gold chains. But that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.


Paul Syjuco

Shop #7 Basement Shopping Arcade, The Peninsula Manila, Ayala cor. Makati Ave., Makati

Once a year, jeweller Paul Syjuco makes off-kilter pieces that otherwise go against what he does for his private practice. With this new collection called “Cristal,” Syjuco explores uncharted mixes, unconventional cuts, and executions. We are particularly fond of the tennis bracelet that mixes different diamond cuts from emerald to princess and round. 


Natalya Lagdameo for Lanai

Shop #3 Basement Shopping Arcade, The Peninsula Manila, Ayala cor. Makati Ave., Makati

A collaboration with home and design store Lanai birthed a collection of jewelry by designer Natalya Lagdameo that launched late last month. Deviating from her signature minimalist gold and pearl pieces, this time, Lagdameo does colorful gems set in rings and hoop earrings.


Sassi Fine Jewellery

There is a timeless allure to pendant necklaces, and Sassi Fine Jewellery knows this all too well. This is why for its autumn line, most of the standouts are necklaces set in gold with amethyst, peridot, citrine, and a pendant that pays homage to the Japanese way of mending things with gold called “kintsugi.”


Tani by Minetani at Bijouxfäh

Jeweler Macky Fah brings Korean brand Tani by Minetani to the country through her brand Bijouxfäh. Gold chain necklaces and bracelets studded with gemstones are a few of this season’s must-haves from this collection.



The Swiss brand known for its luxury watches and jewelry upgrades an icon: the Forever bangle. The unisex bangle that features four blue PVD steel cables encased in rose gold PVD steel can be personalized with up to eight letters or figures.



Pearls set in gold is still the primary design element that has propelled and continues to push business for jewelry brand Pranca. A rethinking of its core collection called “Ode to Odd” features playful pieces like a version of its bestselling baroque pearl necklace but this time with freshwater Keshi pearl.


Paulina Paige for Namì

All-around creative Paulina Paige’s many gifts on her homecoming last month includes this line of nostalgic pearl pieces that reminds one of the santan bracelets and sampaguita buds of our childhood. Freshwater pearls and 0.10 ct. diamonds set in 14k gold figure heavily in this collection.

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