Jan 2, 2020

Following the recent pullout of Jollibee’s garlic pepper beef, it seems like the iconic Champ offerings are also on the verge of exiting the famous fast food chain’s menu.

The Jollibee Champ with its hefty and juicy patty has been living up to its triumphant name ever since 1984. So much so that it can stand face-to-face with international variants like the Big Mac and has even had several variations like the Amazing Aloha Champ. But if you’ve recently been craving it, you might have already experienced the struggle and confusion of getting your hands on one.  

After a quick visit to Jollibee’s delivery site, you can seemingly clarify these rumors with ease: The Champ is still on the menu. 

Screenshot of Jollibee’s online menu where its Champ is still available

Then again, there is also the possibility that Jollibee hasn’t updated its online offerings. This is because aside from the fact that these meaty options are now nowhere to be found in Grabfood and Foodpanda, multiple reports of its unavailability in stores have also been making its way to social media. 

While Jollibee has yet to confirm the potentially saddening news,we’ve gathered up queries and reactions of netizens that may help us piece together the puzzle. 


We don’t know when its unavailability started but one of the earliest public queries dates back on Dec. 23  from netizen Buds Conti on Twitter. Even though this wasn’t the post that got us looking into the possibility, we may as well be this confused when we found out about the issue, too:


We’re not saying that we agree, but the possibility of never being able to feast on such a distinctly savory burger again helps us understand where this post is coming from. 

WTF! What the actual F!ck. Just came from Jollibee and the told me they phased out the CHAMP… So dissappointed! Im…

Posted by Jose Jean Paolo Jalandoni on Friday, December 27, 2019


Another Facebook post from Dix Perez, however, set a lot of burger fans into curiosity and investigation. It came about after he was supposedly trying to order a Champ burger in Jollibee’s Dona Soledad branch drive through.

Wow. Did not know that Jollibee Champ was phased out already. Is nothing sacred anymore???

Posted by Dix Perez on Thursday, December 26, 2019


If you look at the post’s comments section, you will see people relaying their different and conflicting experiences. Anton Sheker and Flip Corpus’ are cases in point.

Perez even went to the lengths of messaging Jollibee’s Facebook page, but sadly just got a cryptic and most likely, automatically generated reply from the busy bee. 

But this comment from Vince Diy might give us a clue about the reason behind it. 


Taking from all of these and probably many more unpublished stories, @Flipperator on Twitter couldn’t have said it better as he demanded answers.

Actor Guji Lorenzana also took to Twitter to voice our collective concern.  

And like Joylyn, we’re left to wonder if we should also spare a moment of silence for what once was Jollibee’s hero patty?

All Jollibee Champ patties…Phased out.I want to take a moment.

Posted by Joy Lyn Parohinog Francisco on Friday, December 20, 2019


Ultimately, the massive fast food chain will have the final say (we’re hoping soon) whether we’ve seen the last of the Champ or if this shortage is just a phase we have to get through for now. But until then, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more remarks like this.

Update: In an official statement released on Twitter, the Champ burger will be phased out in all Jollibee branches.


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