Feb 6, 2020

Cleaning items are musts in every household and as such, bottles of liquid detergents keep piling up our trash bins before they eventually find their way to our oceans and forests. But those plastic containers can actually be reused, if only more markets offer refillable options.

Loop, a sustainable market that houses eco-friendly beauty and skincare products, home and kitchen apparel, and fashion accessories, conducted a survey with customers to figure out the amount of household cleaning items they use every month. They found that most families use at least three bottles every month, which tallies to around 36 bottles every year. That’s a staggering number considering the number of households in the Philippines alone.

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Last October 2019, we asked you, our dear customers, to answer a survey on your consumption of household cleaning items such as laundry liquid, fabric conditioner and dishwashing liquid. Based on your responses, we were able to estimate just how much plastic you can avoid by trying out this new service (a lot!). We want to make the process of being eco-friendly as worry-free as possible, so we will be the ones to come to you to refill your containers with an assortment of @rainourish's bestselling natural cleaning products.⁣ ⁣ For this pilot program, we will only be able to accept QC residents in selected areas. Sign-ups for the service will be open until February 16 only. Sign-up at bit.ly/LoopRefill (link in bio).⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #sustainability #sustainableliving #reusables #circulareconomy #thebettergoods #ecofriendly #zerowaste #zerowasteph #greenliving #greenlifestyle⁣ #loopstore #loopstoreph

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To address this issue, Loop started “Loop. Refillery” to reduce plastic consumption by offering to refill bottles and containers with products from partner store Rainourish, another sustainable brand that makes liquid detergents and skincare products out of all-natural ingredients. 

Subscribing to its two-month pilot program (for P999) starting in March, Loop will personally deliver a liter of Green Apple Laundry Liquid, Blossom Fabric Conditioner and Lemon Dishwashing Liquid to your house once a month. The first delivery will be on Mar. 2, and the next on Apr. 6 with no delivery charges. Currently, the service is only available to residents in Quezon City. You can sign up for it here until Feb. 16. 



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