Mar 6, 2020

The City Government of Isabela will be honoring the city province’s outstanding women within various fields who have furthered the city’s growth and served as inspirations to their people with its Ten Outstanding Women of Isabela (TOWI) Awards.

The recently inaugurated celebration of women which aims to be an annual occasion, is part of (PIA) Philippine information Agency’s endeavors and is an award that “bestows honor to local women from different sectors who promote excellence in social service; propagate a culture of inclusiveness, creativity, quality, commitment, and professionalism; and develop outstanding community development practices.”

The nomination for this is open to any noteworthy resident or Isabeleña aged 20 to 60 who people can vouch for having made a positive impact on the city and has helped shape its future by being a catalyst for either economic, social, and cultural development.

Posted by City Government of Isabela on Saturday, February 29, 2020

The ten awards will be spread out across the following categories: education, public service, health, sports, culture and arts, agriculture, business, environment, peace and security and family.

The following are the guidelines for eligibility, to know more about its rules and visit PIA’s website.

  1. Nominees must be 20-60 years old;
  2. Nominees must be bonafide residents of Isabela City;
  3. Nominees must have been actively serving/working in Isabela City for the last five (5) years either in the public, private, and civil society sectors;
  4. Nominees must have accomplished/done outstanding works which were benefited by the community/ies of Isabela City;
  5. Any nominee who has been a finalist in a similar search or competition in the provincial, regional or national levels is qualified for nomination. 
  6. Awardees or winners in any of these searches or competitions, regardless of level, are ineligible.
  7. Nominees must have not been judged guilty in any administrative, civil, or criminal case;

In celebration of Women’s Month, the Ten Outstanding Women of Isabela (TOWI) awardees shall be honored in a  “Gabi ng Parangal” on Mar. 28. 




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