Mar 17, 2020

Over the years, Nolisoli has been on the chase for stories about lifestyle, people and trends. While we may center on giving the audience a guide to restaurants and events around the city, we have been writing stories that focus on culture and news—delving deeper into questions about society, participating in political commentaries and zeroing in on different lifestyles . All this has helped us and the audience in widening our knowledge. So here’s a list of think pieces and profiles by the Nolisoli team for your perusal.


On government and politics

There’s something wrong with the virality of arduous labor in the Philippines

Some poor people have been applauded for being persistent despite their desperate circumstances. This article shows how this act of praise shouldn’t be a solution, especially when corruption is what has forced them to do these acts of labor.

The recently approved bill aims to provide law enforcers the legal tools to incriminate any person they believe is threatening to the government. Art by Clarisse Alfonso

Terrorism undefined: The Anti-Terrorism Bill is an indication of an authoritarian regime

The recent Anti-Terrorism bill allows the government to tap into people’s private lives once they suspect you to be a terrorist. Here, we explain how the bill can be the fall of our democracy.

How disinformation is a major symptom of a sick democracy

Fake news, disinformation, misformation shows a break in the democratic system. This article explains the many ways one can be fooled by fake news and how it can sway a whole country’s opinion on the government, especially during elections.

In the killing fields of Negros, the lives of farmers and activists mean nothing

Negros Occidental and other cities in Visayas is home to many farmers who have been fighting for their rights for years. In turn, they receive a blunt and deadly treatment from the government. Learn more about it in this article.


On culture and heritage

The Magical, Mystical, and Macabre creatures of Philippine Mythology

This interactive page by Nolisoli shows the different creatures found in Philippine mythology based on the writings of Edgar Samar, along with illustrations and descriptions on each one.

The terno is back from the baul. Now what?

Focusing on the traditional attire of Filipinos that is the terno, Nolisoli content creator Christian San Jose focuses on the evolution of these clothes by sitting down for an interview with Gino Gonzales, founder of TernoCon, and discuss the various influences and cultural implications of the terno.

The Philippines doesn’t have an official “National Hero”

Apparently, according to Philippine law, our country does not have a national hero. This article also shows the criteria on being considered a national hero, which has not been updated since a shortlist was created.

We’ve lost the Met twice, but how do we save it again? Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

Remembering the Manila Metropolitan Theater

Former Nolisoli writer Oliver Emocling shares the significance of the Manila Metropolitan Theater to the country’s culture and also to our entertainment industry.

Why is our national language Tagalog-centric?

Although many have expressed their opinions on Tagalog being the chosen national language, Ateneo de Manila University assistant professor Gary Devilles, Ph.D. explains that there is a very good reason as to why the language was chosen through this article.


On society

Growing up in the land of promise and why Mindanao is just a normal place

Zofiya Acosta, one of Nolisoli’s content creators and born and raised in Iligan City of Mindanao, shares her personal experience being born in Mindanao, the region most exoticized by the Philippines. Here, she centers on how Mindanao is a simple home to her and how its stereotypes should not be promoted.

A year after #MeToo, and I’m still hurting

While the #MeToo movement may have lost traction on social media, some women continue to face traumatizing experiences from men taking advantage of them. In this article, Acosta shares her own personal opinions and emotions as a feminist.

“Escape the corset” is steadily becoming a movement among South Korean women on social media. Art by Tricia Guevara

The physical labor of beauty

This article zeroes in on the pressures of beauty standards, how the constant desire for beauty has still remained despite various movements on social media, and how it continues to affect the lives of many.

The capital’s empire: Manila’s imperialism and the people’s struggle

Born and raised in Bacolod City of Negros Occidental, Nolisoli junior content creator Thea Torres focuses on the phenomenon of Imperial Manila to understand its origins and effects upon the Philippine economy and society.


On people and lifestyles

Are we doing sustainable fashion right?

In this article, Isabelle Landicho, Manila-born and London-based stylist, emphasizes the role of fashion in sustainability and how it must go farther than just canceling fast fashion and working with organic fibers.


The writer of “Insurrecto” talks representation, the Balangiga massacre, and why you shouldn’t try to make yourself fit into white spaces. Photo courtesy of National Book Store

Gina Apostol is not in the business of making people feel comfortable

Author of “Insurrecto” and “The Gun Dealer’s Daughter,” Gina Apostol shares her background as a writer, where she takes her inspiration, and how “Insurrecto” has captured a part of the Philippines’ history through the lens of fiction.

Taffy Brodesser-Akner is the funny, smart, feminist writer you should be reading right now

Through an interview with the author of the novel “Fleishman Is In Trouble”, this article shows the role of feminism in society and how Brodesser-Akner herself has used her own experiences to tell a riveting story about women.


On art and technology

On Jia Tolentino, writing for the internet, and what to do with what we know. Art by Levenspeil Galang

Morality in the age of the internet: thoughts on Jia Tolentino’s ‘Trick Mirror’

A summary and review on the book “Trick Mirror” by Jia Tolentino. Nolisoli contributing writer Catherine Orda talks about her learnings from the book and her learnings on social media’s role in forming opinions in the age of the internet.

There’s no completely safe place in the Philippines, according to this geographer

Mapmaker David Garcia shares his process and learnings from cartography. Through his designs, a more digestible view of the Philippines’ geographical structure and disaster patterns can be seen.

Why analog is here to stay

Writer Paolo Vergara explains how vinyl still keeps a loyal community of music aficionados because of its authentic sound and its deep impact on the Philippines’ musical culture.




Header photo courtesy of Nolisoli

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