Mar 27, 2020

These days, more than ever, it’s important to take extra care of your health and keep your immunity system strong. And one way to do that is to stay active. But with lockdowns in place all over the country, it’s imperative we stay at home. Thankfully, you don’t have to go out to sweat it out.

Yoga is one of the more feasible workouts you can do anywhere, even in your own bedroom, as long as there’s enough space to move around and do the poses. It’s a practice anyone can pick up, whatever their age, body type, or level of fitness. What’s more, it also serves as a meditation practice and a way to bring balance to the mind, spirit and body—something that can definitely help us deal with our current worries and anxieties.

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If you’re ready to start your practice, here are a few free classes available online that you can check out. And remember, yogis, namaste calm and carry on.

Yoga With Adriene

This YouTube channel has 6.28 million subscribers and loyal yogi followers. And thanks to Adriene’s friendly demeanor, soothing voice and adorable cameos from her dog Benji, there’s a good chance you’ll turn you into a fan, too (and keep at it long after the lockdown has been lifted).

Whatever level you’re in—beginner, intermediate, advanced—you’ll find something for your practice here. You can choose a class based on the length of time you can devote to your practice. Or you can choose one based on a specific goal, i.e. there’s a class that can help boost your brain power, one that can help you focus, and one for when you’re feeling insecure. There’s even a class specifically made for writers! She also offers yoga classes that target specific aches and pains, and yoga for weight loss.


Lululemon YouTube Channel

Subscribe to the popular activewear brand’s YouTube channel for free yoga videos. You can choose from Beginner classes, Vinyasa Flow classes, or watch short how-to videos that will help you work on specific yoga poses. They also have short guided meditation practices and other training workouts you can try. 


Yoga Plus FB Livestream Classes

If you can’t go to the studio, let the studio come to you. Yoga Plus has set up their virtual yoga studio on their official FB page, live-streaming 60-minute yoga classes every day. They offer Fundamentals, Flow, Yin, HIIT and even Chair Yoga.

HIIT yoga combines cardio and yoga poses for a more intense workout while Yin is a gentler practice where you hold the poses for longer periods of time. For seniors and people suffering from chronic pain, osteoporosis, and other conditions that make it hard to do traditional yoga poses, there’s Yoga Plus’ Chair Yoga classes. 


Alo Yoga YouTube Channel

Here’s another YouTube channel from a well-known activewear brand where you’ll find videos of different types of yoga practices: From Beginner classes to Relaxing classes to different Flow classes to Multi-Day Yoga Challenges. There are also yoga classes that target specific body parts (i.e. hips and hamstrings, core, arms) and short tutorials on how to do different asanas. You can even get the kids involved with their Free Kids Yoga and Meditation videos.


Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga is another local yoga studio that’s taking their classes online. There are different types of yoga practices you can choose from, depending on your level of fitness (or mood): Rocket, Yin, Gentle Flow, Vinyasa or Ashtanga. We especially appreciate how the yogis often offer tips on what household items you can use as substitutes for yoga tools if you don’t have them at home: a shoebox or book in lieu of yoga blocks, and pillows and rolled-up towels in place of bolsters. Check out their official FB page for the daily schedules of their free live classes.


Fightmaster Yoga

This popular yoga channel offers classes for all types of yogis: There are beginner classes made especially for yogis practicing at home, Ashtanga classes for more advanced yogis, and Hatha classes for those looking for balance. There’s also the #yoga3x classes, where you do yoga in the morning, afternoon, and evening (since we have all the time right now), Yin yoga, and 30-day and 90-day yoga challenges. Check out the Yoga for Beginners 30-day Challenge when you’re ready to commit to your practice or if you need extra motivation to do it every day.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Here’s one way you can do PE classes with your kids while they’re stuck at home during the quarantine. In between schoolwork, chores, and Robert Alejandro’s popular online art classes, you can introduce them to the joys of yoga.

The channel offers different types of yoga classes: The Yoga Adventure videos are a mix between Blue’s Clues and yoga, story time and asanas. The Super Yoga videos turns yoga practice into a fun game. And the Saturday Morning Yoga videos offer something the entire family can do on the weekend. The classes are led by yogi Jamie who makes the practice easy to follow and fun. As a bonus, the channel also has mindfulness videos and guided relaxation for your tots.

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