Mar 30, 2020

My relationship with YouTube is a pretty solid one. There are days when I spend a couple of hours watching videos. Then, there are those days when I just can’t stop myself from falling into a YouTube spiral that starts with a documentary about political structures and ends with home videos of dogs chasing their tail. But as I always end up earning bits of knowledge–whether it’s on recipes, film or social analyses, these YouTube spirals are actually doing me some educational favors. To share these with you, here’s a list of YouTube channels that produce well-made, fun and educational content.


Binging with Babish

We may not be able to cook or even order these dishes that this expert home cook makes, but it’s always such a pleasure to watch how he prepares each dish to reach a standard of perfection. Did we mention that the dishes he makes are his own versions of meals featured in movies or TV shows? So whether you’re a chef or not, Babish’s creations are all about entertainment.



Vox takes a deep dive into topics that have political, cultural and educational relevance to the modern generation–all while keeping it fun and creative. Created as a content platform for liberal news and opinions, their approach to easily digestible information has proven extremely effective and popular, spawning a Netflix series called “Explained.”



It’s second nature for cineastes to always look beyond what’s shown on the movie screen. Nerdwriter1 studies the artistry behind films, relating them to history, society and culture. There are analyses of popular classics like “The Truman Show” and “Harry Potter,” and on more mainstream hits like the Marvel and DC movie franchises. On top of all that, this content creator has expanded to content that also analyzes art, politics and even economics.


Great Big Story

Perhaps the best thing about this channel is its human-centered approach to journalistic storytelling. By travelingg the world, interviewing and following the lives of certain people, the audience gets to understand various issues and empathize with people from different parts of the globe. True to its moniker, the channel’s content are stories that can widen your knowledge, even on the most trivial things. 



While Binging with Babish’s content is created by a skilled home cook, Epicurious takes it up a notch by creating content that features food challenges, analyses and interviews with experts. Find out how four levels of cooks, from amateurs to pro-chefs, cook the same dish and watch hilarious challenges of people tasked to do basic skills like cleaning vegetables.



At Jubilee, the spotlight falls on the average person. Their videos come off as pleasant gameshows, but a few seconds in makes you realize that these all tap into stereotypes, racism, sexism and more. However, they’re not one to avoid light-hearted content as you’ll find videos of people finding love or simply playing casual rounds of “Truth or Dare” or “Never Have I Ever.”


The Art Assignment

Trying to understand art can be difficult, even for artists. In an artist’s world, everything is subjective, but works of art have shaped culture as we know it. Through The Art Assignment, the audience can learn how to dissect art and also engage in a few projects they can do themselves. Great for when you’re trying to delve further into the arts.


Header photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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