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Help, I can’t get enough of TikTok cooking. I blame these accounts

Help, I can’t get enough of TikTok cooking. I blame these accounts


I am (at least) two years late to the TikTok party so to compensate, over the duration of quarantine, I have developed an unlikely nightly habit of going through its videos before I sleep—sometimes even past my phone’s downtime (remind me in 15 mins… 30 mins… Ignore limit for the day).

Apart from the seemingly endless dance challenges, gays lipsyncing in nature (Filipino gays are the most resourceful out there), and Adam Ray aka Rosa (well, and shirtless dudes doing nothing, yes it exists—a TikTok staple more than a stereotype), what I love most about the video platform is its new breed of homecooks.

@adamrayokayPOV: Rosa forgets shes allergic to REAL FRUIT😭😂 ##pov ##fyp ##foryou♬ original sound – adamrayokay

I don’t live for those faceless super-cut ones, though. For me, on top of a good-looking and mouth-watering final product, a face with a personality is a must. It’s especially entertaining when the cooks themselves are outrageously funny.

I’m so deep into TikTok cooking (several months in), that I plan my first upload to be a video where I… cook. Yes, TikTok is also aspirational.

But anyway, if you love Alison Roman and her easy-breezy recipes but are also a fan of Bretman Rock or whichever internet-famous person with an inflated sense of (self) humor, I urge you to give TikTok a shot—maybe not as a participant but as a spectator—and start by following these over-the-top personalities who also happen to be good cooks.



@iamtabithabrownCarrot bacon❤️ ##tabithabrown ##veganbacon♬ original sound – iamtabithabrown

In a sea of bland, self-righteous vegan recipes, actress Tabitha Brown is a rising star. Having only joined TikTok in March, she now has over two million followers. It’s all thanks to her captivating videos that almost feel like you’re on a FaceTime call with a friend and of course, her sumptuous vegan creations that draw you in thinking “that looks easy, being vegan looks easy. I should try that.”



@flakeysaltWe out pizza the hut. ##piday ##pizza ##cooking ##food ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##foodlover ##tiktokfood ##recipe♬ original sound – flakeysalt

The persona behind this account, Joshua Weissman, prior to amassing a formidable two million follower count, is a famous YouTuber and cookbook author. Famed for his food hacks that give fast food brands a run for their money, Weissman’s tempo as a reaction to TikTok’s 60-sec max limit gives his videos a sense of urgency. It’s like cooking in a kitchen with Gordon Ramsay bossing you around, except this time you just stand and watch worry-free.



@the_pastaqueenFresh Pasta by Hand + how to cut Fettuccine ##freshpasta ##fromscratch ##madebyhand ##pasta ##fettuccine ##italianpasta ##italiancooking ##food ##homemade♬ original sound – the_pastaqueen

When in TikTok, do as Romans do (the race, not Alison Roman’s relatives)—or just follow @the_pastaqueen, an account run by an Italian mom who cooks, well, pasta, while always somehow so impeccably dressed and eyeliner-ed for the gods. Imagine if the hilarious Sofía Vergara with her uniquely mesmerizing accent had a channel where she recounts her kitchen adventures (she doesn’t but she should make one, stat!), this will be it. 



@newtKorean BBQ Beef 😭💙🥩 ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – newt120

For younger audiences trying to navigate the sudden isolation they didn’t impose upon themselves, this TikTok user has become a sort of a cooking messiah. In between taking on dance challenges and reacting to trending social media posts, this guy is known for his comfort food hacks set to a voiceover peppered with social media slang even I don’t understand sometimes. But that’s alright, his food looks beyond edible despite seeing him pull out his ingredients from inside a washing machine.



@cookingwithshereenWho’s your MAC Mommy? ##fyp ##foryoupage ##macncheese ##macandcheese ##quickrecipes ##happyathome ##cookingtips ##recipe ##tiktokcooking ##keepingbusy ##foodie♬ Lofi Resort – Chill Out Bro

This account is not a regular mom account but a cool mom account, where “chefie” Shereen Pavlides bosses you around her pristine kitchen. Albeit her menu being mostly American home cooking (i.e. pancakes, mac ’n cheese, bacon), there are many tidbits of helpful information here and there that can make cooking easy for everyone, like, for example, how to properly peel a pineapple, with a side of home gardening. We can’t help but stan (did I use that one right?)


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