May 15, 2020

As more and more people try their hand at recreating their favorite food and drinks during the quarantine, restaurants and cafés have been helping out by sharing the recipes to some of their best selling dishes and drinks.

But for people who are looking to develop their mixology skills, Yes Please has got you covered. Since May 1, the restaurant and bar has been sharing recipes to some of their best-selling cocktails on their Instagram page.

Some of the recipes that bar has shared include their version of the old fashioned, the Moscow mule and the whiskey sour. For people who want to whip up something special for an online drinking session, they also have recipes for margaritas and Oaxaca Old Fashioned.

Aside from cocktails, Yes Please has also been sharing recipes to meals such as the garlic steak rice and the caramelized spam musubi—for people who are looking for the perfect meal pairing for their drinks.


Header photo courtesy of Yes Please’s Instagram page

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