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Chicken wings recipes we’re adding to our lockdown menu to make it feel like a party

Chicken wings recipes we’re adding to our lockdown menu to make it feel like a party


One thing I love about chicken wings is that it works for just about any occasion. If there’s a party, wings will go hand in hand with the pizza. It does wonders with a cup of rice for lunch and a treat to munch on when you’re having a solo movie night. It’s always exciting to try out the number of flavors you can experiment with. So, for all those who are suddenly craving wings, we’ve gathered a few recipes you can try out:


Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wings


Let’s start off with a classic—everybody loves buffalo wings, right? While many see this as easy-to-cook bar chow, cooking it could just as easily end up in a mess. Sometimes, it can turn out too sweet or maybe too bland; the sauce could be too gooey or too wet. To avoid all that, try out Everyday Food’s detailed instructions which are complete with tips and tricks like using a wire rack at the bottom of the pot to fry the chicken evenly and snapping the middle joint of the wings to cut them in half cleanly.


Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings


For those who aren’t fond of flavorful coatings, this recipe goes back to basics by using salt and pepper as the main flavoring. While the seasoning is pretty simple, the key here is in carefully frying the chicken wings so that they’re crispy on the outside but tender on the inside.


Spicy Korean Chicken Wings

For Korean-style chicken wings, try out Korean homecook Maangchi’s recipe (which “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans swears by). Not only do they provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the sweet-and-spicy coating, they also explain how to make a batter that makes the chicken extra crispy.


Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

For cheese lovers like me,  garlic parmesan is our go-to wing flavor. This recipe by JP Lambiase and Julia Goolia from HellthyJunkFood claims to taste just like that of the restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings and we’re all for it. You’ll need to be patient with it though: To get the best results, you have to refrigerate the wings overnight to let it soak the garlic and cheese flavors. 


Chicken Wings, 5 Ways


Ready to go all in? This video includes a rundown of five recipes for chicken wings: citrus pepper, creamy sriracha, Italian parm, Thai peanut and bourbon-espresso barbecue—unique flavors that you may not find in many restaurants. The recipes center on how to make each coating or dry rub in just a few minutes.



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