Jul 3, 2020

Quarantine has brought out the small business entrepreneurs and home cooks out of their busy lifestyles. Now, they’re contributing to all the popular food trends that we’ve all attempted to add into our own lockdown menu. One of which is the sushi bake—which basically has the same ingredients as our beloved sushi but stacked together to fill up one whole tray. It’s got the essentials for a good lunch, rice and some protein, but also works well for a snack.

Of course, the usuals are bound to be a sure-fire hit—who could deny a good ol’ classic California maki or salmon teriyaki style sushi? So now that you’ve probably gotten your fill with those flavors, time to take it up a notch. More and more chefs have started selling wagyu and unagi to top their sushi bake. Most notably, baked samgyup is also coming for the gig. Here’s where to order them:


Dear Diet’s Keto Wagyu Aburi Bake


Dear Diet isn’t one to pass on the quarantine food trends. Before this godly wagyu bake concoction, they were churning out a bunch of ube-cheese pandesals. Now, they’re selling this wagyu bake for only P580.


Ovlas and Arac’s Wagyu Sushi Bake

Other than the much-loved wagyu bake, this small business is also selling cheesy prawn and salmon sushi bake. If you can’t decide on which one to buy, you can have more than one flavor in just one tray.


Sunny’s Kitchen’s Unagi Sushi Bake


Who can say no to this delectable and rare seafood catch—and a whole tray of it at that? Sunny’s Kitchen also serves the classics like kani and salmon sushi bake.


KamiKalu’s Kani Sushi Bake with Unagi


This sushi bake takes on the classic kani flavors and ingredients—but adds the sought-after unagi on the top. If you’re not satisfied with their standard serving, you can always pay for extra unagi.


The Baked Samgyup’s Baked Samgyup


The Baked Samgyup’s seven inch trays include layers of kimchi rice, melted cheese, and pork belly or beef slices for just P450 each. There’s an option to pay for extra ingredients, too.


WooSarap MNL’s Baked Samgyup


WooSarapMNL sells their “original baked samgyup” with just beef slices. On top of the rice are layers of special Korean cheese sauce, marinated USDA woo (beef) samgyup, kimchi, and roasted seaweed.


SomethingSomething!’s Somegyupsal


This restaurant’s baked samgyup allows the customer to not only pick their choice of meat (pork or beef), but also has options for rice: kimchi rice or chicken and corn rice. For cheese lovers, you’ll fall head over heels for their generous serving of cheese on top of the bake.



Header photo courtesy of WooSarapMNL

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