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Cakes that don’t look like cakes are going viral. Here’s where you can get them

Cakes that don’t look like cakes are going viral. Here’s where you can get them

hyper-realistic cakes

What if… everything was just a piece of cake? And no, this isn’t an existential crisis—because really, we’re talking about a literal piece of cake.

Netizens have been mindblown recently thanks to videos of seemingly normal household items being sliced to show that they are (surprise!) actually cakes. You can thank Tasty for this latest craze, which gained traction after they posted a clip compiling cakes made by Red Rose Cake & Tuba Geçkil in the shape of a tissue roll, indoor plant, soap and pile of rugs.

The video gathered mixed responses from netizens, with some extremely baffled and some oddly satisfied by the hyper-realistic cakes. Of course, the internet is not the internet if we don’t get hilarious quips and memes in response as well.

“Incredible April Fools’ prank idea: Replace every single accessory in your friend’s house with a cake replica,” a Twitter user proposed. Another user also said that perhaps it’s not the cake itself, but “a magic knife that turns anything it touches into a cake.”

We’ve also been laughing at clips of some netizens slicing random items in their house to figure out if it’s actually cake (but please don’t try this at home, for the sake of your stuff.)

Meanwhile, bakers have shared their own compilations of these hyper-realistic cakes, which are made of fondant, that they’ve also crafted.

Quarantine bakers may have their field day with this new trend that they can try, while cake enthusiasts like us are looking for places where we can score these mindblowing cakes. 

If you want to experience the thrill of slicing items and successfully finding out that it’s actually a cake, we’ve scoured the internet for some bakeries that offer custom-made treats that could come close to this.

Louis Vuitton bag from Sarah Panadera

Shock your tita by suddenly slicing this luxury tote bag in front of her—just don’t tell her it was our idea.

Chanel bag from The Cake Box

If Louis Vuitton isn’t your thing, you can get this fancy Chanel purse instead.

Shoes from Centerpiece Cake Studio

We’re not saying you should try this trend on your sibling who collects sneakers, but hey, who knows?

Milk tea from Bohemia Cakes

Love milk tea and cake? Have both treats at the same time with this milk tea-shaped cake.

Laptop from Blue Mittens Bake Shop

We totally thought that this was a real laptop, and the bakeshop noted in its caption that it’s even foldable—so if you’re looking for a “regular” item that doubles as a delicious treat, this is it.


Header photo collage made with photos by Bohemia Cakes and The Cake Box

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