Jul 14, 2020

We love pizza and we love environmentally friendly packaging, too. That’s why our latest food find brings us double delight with their pizzas that come in reusable and locally handwoven boxes instead of the paper boxes that we’ve been used to seeing.

Based in Pila, Laguna, The Brick Oven Café first started its eco-friendly initiative by using leaf fiber straws instead of plastic strings for tying their boxes up. They then shifted to serving their brick oven pizzas in reusable handwoven boxes instead of cardboard.

This move, which further emphasizes the need to let go of single-use packaging, comes just at the right time as well. Because of the pandemic, people have resorted to using plastics and easily-disposable containers once again, overturning the progress in the zero waste movement that we’ve all made previously.

Aside from being sustainable, the pizzeria’s handwoven boxes with the same material as bilao are made by a group of local weavers in Laguna, which means you can help support them with each purchase. 

You also get to save some cash and the environment at the same time, because The Brick Oven Café gives a special discount if you hand them the reusable pizza boxes for your next order.

Available flavors are pepperoni, bacon mushroom, margherita and their best-seller, the house special. Aside from pizza, they also sell delectable lechon de pugon ulo and belly.

The Brick Oven Café is open for takeout and delivery from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but they advise customers to book orders ahead of time. For more information, message them on Facebook here.


Header photo art made with photos from The Brick Oven Café

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