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Avocado season is upon us—not just as fruits, but as desserts, too

Avocado season is upon us—not just as fruits, but as desserts, too


With the changing of the seasons, comes a new chance to start again. Okay, don’t expect some inspirational quotes—we’re merely talking about avocados, which seems to be the new food trend this quarantine after ube’s long reign. Recently, we’ve been seeing a number of home cooks and bakers whipping up all kinds of avocado concoctions (that aren’t guacamole) like pastries and desserts. Here’s where to score some:



This small businesses’ homemade treat is perfect for those who need to relax at the end of a tiring day. Their frozen avocado tart with a buttery graham crust is both sweet and refreshing.


What’s Your Flan – South Alabang

Yes, this gelato cake combines one of the first lockdown menu trends into their recipe. This avocado cake has an extra mocha-flavored layer topped with crushed dalgona candies. Plus, they also claim that their custard base is made purely of avocados—no artificial flavors included.


Lia’s Cakes in Season

If you can’t decide what pastry or dessert to go for, but you’re just absolutely sure you want avocados, then take a look at Lia’s Cakes in Season. Other than avocado cakes, they also have cupcakes, brownies and even silvanas.



This ice cream shop is known for its large cup soft swirl avocado ice cream. However, over quarantine, they’ve jumped on the baking bandwagon, too. Their dark mocha praline cake contains a wild array of layers including moist chocolate cake, sour cream ganache, avocado cremeux and more that is sure to make our sweet tooth go wild. If that’s too much for you, don’t worry, they have the standard avocado ice cream cheesecake, too.


Pan de Manila

After we had that life-changing epiphany that Pan de Manila’s ice popsicles are absolutely delicious and affordable, we’re keeping them (especially their cold desserts) in our sights. Lo and behold, they also have a tub of avocado ice cream and it’s just as much a hit as their popsicle sticks.



It’s easy to grab a tub of ice cream during our usual grocery runs, but pudding isn’t exactly like a staple. So, Bananarama’s avocado flavored pudding is a must-try if you want to try something different.



Header photo courtesy of Avocadoze

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