Jul 21, 2020

With the coronavirus still actively spreading in Metro Manila, authorities have implemented stricter protocols to ensure the health and safety of its citizens. With these strict protocols comes a more rigid system of penalties, too. Civilians have been jailed and fined thousands for protesting peacefully, dissenters on social media are receiving subpoenas and civilians spotted not wearing masks have received beatings from the police.

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However, this sort of punishment wasn’t the case for an owner of a luxury sports car who used the EDSA bus-only lane. The silver Ferrari 488 GTB, which costs around P20-P30 million, was flagged down at the innermost lane of EDSA near the Guadalupe Bridge in Makati City around 6:30 p.m. last Saturday, July 18. The driver was apprehended by the superbody Inter Agency Council for Traffic (IACT), but was only issued a ticket and a fine of P150 for disregarding traffic signs. 

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) imposed a fine of P1,000 for drivers or  private vehicles who are caught using the EDSA bus-only lane, plus an additional P150 for disregarding traffic signs. According to the MMDA last July 13, there are an average of 30 violators per day. 

Yet, this Ferrari owner caught in the act was given a less serious infraction “out of consideration” for those struggling to get by this pandemic. 

As for the driver of the Ferrari, could it be that he was caught up in an emergency, which warranted this consideration from authorities? Apparently, he didn’t actually give an explanation as to why he was on the dedicated bus lane.

When Metro Manila shifted to general community quarantine (GCQ) on June 1, EDSA reopened with an inner lane exclusive for buses ferrying people from point to point. Previously, government personnel, who turned out to be half of the total apprehended violators per day, were also given “consideration” meaning no penalty, just a reminder from MMDA that “if a private vehicle with government personnel inside was seen on the bus lane, other vehicles would follow suit.”


Header photo courtesy of Lyn Rillon from Inquirer.net

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